Did SQ just pull all Oceania Business Class Space?

I got tweeted by a follower that Singapore had pulled Oceania award space in business class. This is not the same as united.com pulling all SQ Award space from showing as Aeroplan and ANA still show Singapore Airlines space, but no business class space is showing up. SQ actually had really great space on their Auckland, Sydney, Christchurch, and Melbourne longhaul flights. It was often available the majority of days in a month on flights that were not operated by the 777-300ER or the A380. This meant that their flights on the 777-200ER’s, which are being retrofitted into a long-haul 1-2-1 full flat layout similar to the A380’s and 77W’s, had great award space. It seems now SQ is now adopting a stance similar to LH where these seats are not being released until 14 days before departure. Within 14 days you can see that they will release space on the non-A380/77W flights:

Close-In Space

Close-In Space

Now I can’t see any space to Christchurch, Melbourne, Sydney, or Auckland in business class outside of the 14 day period. I haven’t looked through the whole schedule, but that’s what it seems like. I know that there was great space in advance, because I’ve booked several awards that included these segments (in fact just one a few weeks ago), and space was plentiful.

No Space

No Space

Mark this as developing. I hope that this is just to the fact that they’re pulling showing space on united.com, but if this sticks that’s hugely disappointing.

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    • SQ already places a bias on booking award tickets. Book through the SQ website (which shows only SQ options), get a 15% mileage discount. Try booking other partners, no mileage discount. Most KF members wouldn’t even think of flying other Star Alliance carriers.

  1. wait a minute.. i tried to search Singapore to anywhere in Asia..there is no SQ reward available at all on UA site. Not even coach.. i did a quick random dates search from Jan till Nov 2014! something fishy! Or am i

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