Thai First Class Ground Services BKK Thoughts

I am travelling at this time, so expect delays to responses on Twitter and email. It might also explain why I’m writing so many trip report posts. Thanks ūüôā

Greetings from Hong Kong! I just got off my Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong a few hours ago, and I’m very jetlagged thus I’m writing this at 3:30am in the morning local time.¬†This was the route i flew back in August which I dubbed the craziest and scariest flight of my life when I ran into severe turbulence. Thankfully this flight was much better and¬†I’m happy to say thankfully I am intact after over 30 hours of flying, the last few which were in Bangkok at the Thai First Class lounge and onboard Thai First Class.

Thai First Class Ground Services Transfer and Lounge

Having flown now 4 segments of Thai First (and counting) the ground services at BKK it is still a wonderful experience¬†and¬†if you’ve never done it before, a must do on your bucket list (along with Asiana First Class Suites).¬†The ground services are as always smooth as silk. I had the misfortune of parking at a bus gate on my flight into Bangkok. Thankfully, because I’m flying first class I got an old van to myself (since apparently I was the only passenger connecting to a first class flight).¬†It’s certainly not as sleek as Porsche transfers on Lufthansa First Class but still nonetheless much better than being squashed into a bus and it is always cool to be on the tarmac and taking close-ups of planes.

Thai First Class Ground Services Van

Thai First Class Van

My escort then drove me in a buggy to the Thai First Class lounge, where I had some food and a massage, which was awesome. Did I not say I love buggies, especially when you’re exhausted from 30 hours of travel?

Thai First Class Ground Services Buggy

Buggy and airline escort in the distance

I know they aren’t that pricy in Bangkok but the spa room was very nice and it was quite awesome getting a massage and hearing muted airport announcements during it.

Thai First Class Ground Services Massage Suite

Thai First Class Spa Massage Suite

The only bad part was that there was a big fluffy white pillow on the treatment bed and all I wanted to do was just fall asleep. I think they should also use those pillows in the slumber rooms. I don’t know why they don’t, actually. The iPad menu in the lounge to order food is also nice.

Thai First Class Ground Services Menu

iPad menu in FCL

Then of course a¬†quintessential¬†part of the Thai experience is getting TG’ed. What this essentially means is Thai sometimes decides to swap planes last minute, so you get something you didn’t expect.¬†In this case, I got a 10 Seat (Old) First Cabin, which I’ve flown before, instead of the 9F cabin.

Thai First Class Ground Services 747

Thai Old First Class

My flight had been showing for the longest time a nine seat new first class cabin with open suites, which I had really been looking forward to trying as I’ve never flown it before.

Thai First Class Ground Services New F

Thai 9F on 747

My flight was only to Hong Kong so it wasn’t an issue but had it been to Heathrow or Sydney I would have been pretty pissed, since the bed product on their older 10F cabin leaves a lot to be desired. I do have two more segments booked next year on Thai First on their 747-400, though, so hopefully I will get to review the 9F cabin then.

But for the most part the Thai transfer process at Bangkok in First Class is just really nice and a must-do on the “first class bucket list.” The transfer process at Suvernabhumi is really smooth and honestly flawless, even for arrival at a bus gate. I was escorted throughout my layover in the airport, with car/buggy/personal transfers to and from the lounge, spa, gate and jetbridge, especially as I said coming off a flight tired is really helpful.

Thai usually has great space on at least one of their gateways to Europe and/or Japan for a long-haul product, and excellent space on their Sydney and Hong Kong flights, so it’s fairly easy to get space both close-in and when schedules open 10/11 months out.

I will leave you with this gorgeous amazing sunset 39000 ft in the air taken just a few hours ago.

Thai First Class Ground Services Sunset


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  1. I will tell you I’d take the old F product of TG any day to the old F product of LH. I too was supposed to get the “new” F, but for me, it was supposed to be the “new” F of LH. Totally ugly seats and the setup sucked. You can’t, in my opinion, go wrong with TG.

  2. Just flew the new TG First on an Airbus 380 and it’s amazing – both the hard and soft product blow any UA/AA First out of the sky…
    Hope you have better luck on one of your future segments!

  3. Lucky you only got TG’ed to he old F because I once got TG’ed to he old old F (the one with the purple flat seats that have someone next to you.

    The old F you took is actually better than LH old F seats and I find the TG seat good to sleep in despite being over 6 feet.

    I have done the new F on 747 and A380 and it’s good however on the 747 it can be rather noisy and there is not a good feeling of space.

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