Transfer Aeroplan to US Airways! It’s back!

Update: I’ve written more about whether you should use the transfer here.

A while ago you used to be able to transfer Aeroplan to US Airways Dividend miles. This was actually one of my favourite uses of Aeroplan miles because the Aeroplan to US Airways Dividend Miles has some strengths that I really like relevant to premium class itineraries, such as no fuel surcharges on airlines (unlike Aeroplan who does have fuel surcharges on certain partner airlines) and the ability to have some crazy routings thanks to the USDM desk. I’m fairly sure I transferred over 300,000 Aeroplan miles while it was alive, so I thought it was actually a huge devaluation given that it was really useful for me.

The transfer returns!!

I could not be more happy to say that the transfer option is back alive as of yesterday. Your US Airways miles on now has the option to exchange for other miles back! Signup here if you don’t already have an account.

Transfer Aeroplan to US Airways interface interface

Transfer Aeroplan to US Airways

Click the exchange button and after selecting the option to move out of Aeroplan you’ll see the option to transfer Aeroplan to US Airways at a 1:0.84 ratio. If you have a poorer ratio (I think it was 1:0.79 or something like that), it’s because you’re address is elsewhere so move to the US to get the best ratio.

A minimum move of 15,000 points out of Aeroplan is required, and the ratio stays the same even with larger amounts.

Transfer Aeroplan to US AIrways 1:0.84 transfer ratio on

1:0.84 transfer ratio on

You can move a maximum of 50,000 miles per transaction and a maximum of 100,000 transferred out per calendar year.

I’ve already started a transfer yesterday and will let y’all know when it completes:

transfer aeroplan to us airways my transfer

My transfer

This is probably even more useful than before as first of all both AMEX Membership Rewards in the USA and Canada can transfer points to Aeroplan. You can then transfer Aeroplan to US Airways, which means indirectly you can transfer your MR to US Airways, should that be necessary.

Furthermore, given that US Airways has already started the merger processes from the customer standpoint with integration of elite benefits and reciprocal mileage redemptions I would say that’s it’s likely that you’ll be able to transfer your Dividend miles to AAdvantage at some point in the near future.

I think the knowledge to transfer Aeroplan to US Airways is a good tool to have especially if US Airways has a cheaper award price than Aeroplan and/or you want to fly airlines that Aeroplan levies a fuel surcharge on.

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  1. […] 2)  You can once again transfer Aeroplan (Air Canada) miles to US Airways Dividend miles via at 1:0.84 ratio. It’s one of very rare decent deals on that site. If you happen to have Membership Rewards from Amex, Air Canada is a partner.  The minimum transfer amount is 15000 miles. Could be of interest if you are looking to redeem on US Airways or American routes. Read more HERE […]


  1. This is also a great way to use up my Aeroplan miles earned in the last two Q4 Starwood promos – I had collected 13K Aeroplan miles from my Starwood stays. Added in 2,000 AMEX MR points to Aeroplan, and then put the order in to transfer over to 12,601 Dividend miles. Thanks for the heads-up Jeff!

  2. Can we transfer to different names/accounts in any part of the process? Amex -> Aeroplan or transfer between two different names/accounts to US Air?

  3. This is great for me. I build up plenty of Chase points (transferable to UA), fly primarily DL and have lots of AMEX points which give me tons DL miles when needed. Hardest for me to get is US/AA. With a few CC bonuses here and there, and 100k AMEX->Aeroplan->US->AA, I’ll be able to stockpile a nice bank of AA miles. Great tool to diversify.

    I did the same thing with AMEX->Continental when the UA/CO merger was announced and AMEX could still be transferred to CO. Using this the same way but to AA this time.

  4. Thanks for the update. I only wish I could move smaller amounts since Aeroplan isn’t a big program for me I only have some orphan amounts parked there.

  5. Sorry not getting the big deal

    1. You lose in the exchange

    2. I can’t book one ways on the US website with points – I can on aeroplan

    3. I can still book United flights to avoid the fuel surcharge

    What am I missing

    • If you read my post, I said it was useful for certain premium class itineraries. So for example with flights on Austrian, Asiana, Thai, All Nippon, and Lufthansa (although that’s not really useful with USDM) Aeroplan charges YQ. The USDM Call center may also be an advantage. But certainly it may or may not be useful for everyone.

  6. I have a lot of American Express membership rewards points eating dust. Can I transfer them to Aeroplan and then US Airways? If yes then, is there any limit per day.

  7. has a cap of 100k outbound Aeroplan points per calendar year, implemented just before they removed US Airways from exchanges

  8. With the addition of Eva Air (no fuel surcharges) to Star Alliance, it appears that using Aeroplan with Eva to go to Asia may be better than transferring your miles over to US Airways. I’m off to the Philippines (in Premium Laurel Class – which is classified as Business Class, but is as good as many First Class products) in February for 130,000 Aeroplan miles and $100. With a transfer, can US Airways do better?

    • US charges 120k for Philippines which is South Asia, although if you “make” North Asia your destination and Philippines your stopover, then it might be able to do it for 90k. But in your case I wouldn’t recommend transferring to USDM.

  9. Have a US address so can change that for Love that I can go to north Asia via the south for 90000. Curious to know how stop over rules compare.

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