United Devaluation Postponed!!!

As you may well know the United devaluation is supposed to take effect in a few hours, BUT United has just posted on FT:

Hi everyone,

With the updated MileagePlus award chart about to take effect, I have a couple updates and clarifications to share (which a few of you have already noticed):

The new Saver and Standard Award mileage requirements will become effective on Feb 3. We have moved implementation to a weekday, to better ensure we are able to serve our customers, particularly those who call our contact centers for assistance.

Booking an award where the mileage amount should have been reduced on February 1? If you book one of these awards on February 1 or 2, we will honor the reduced mileage amount. Although initial ticketing will be at the current, higher level, we will retroactively re-price your award to the lower mileage amount within 10 business days.

I’ll provide another update confirming the new mileage requirements have become effective, on February 3.

Aaron Goldberg
Sr. Manager – Customer Experience Planning
United Airlines

The cause of this is most likely that United IT and other systems are ready to handle the increased prices quite yet. So you have another day to perfect your routings!!!

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  1. “Booking an award where the mileage amount should have been reduced on February 1” . . . ummm, United was ‘reducing’ mileage awards?? I don’t think this person gets the meaning of “devaluation” . . .

  2. united pieces of crap can’t get anything right. (trying to book a HKG-BNE flight, so you’ll understand my frustration im sure 🙂

  3. So, if you book on Feb 1 or 2, you need to pay the devalued ammount initially and then within 10 days you’ll get the extra points back? Did I understand that correctly? If so, this doesn’t really help to burn the last of your UA miles

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