US Airways 100% Share Promotion Returns!

US Airways is running a 100% promotion on shared miles until April 13! This is my FAVOURITE promotion by far as it allows you to generate points at 1.15 cents each.

The promotion runs as follows:

Transfer Bonuses

Transfer Bonuses Chart

The bonuses max out at 100% only between 30,000 and 50,000 miles. Transfers which aren’t that amount aren’t such a great value. It’ll cost you $567.50 to share 50,000 miles. As well, GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents.

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Purchase Cost

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the share promo (or need a refresher), this post talks about my strategy to maximize the promotion.

Purchases are processed by in USD. That means it’s best for you to use a card with strongest everyday earnings and for Canadians, a card with no foreign transaction fee.

Should I participate in the promotion?

This question is something that’s heavily dependent on your travel plans, but I’d recommend going for it IF you can in a pinch redeem for an award within the next 15 months or so, which is when US Airways will still have this award chart with the current routing rules. It’s highly likely when US Airways merges with American under the American name that there will only be one combined loyalty program operating. The point where a devaluation would occur is at when both programs merge and your AAdvantage and US Dividend Miles accounts are merged, which means as long as you are able to spend the miles before then (and actually do need to go on a trip) it’ll be worth it. I only recommend you to purchase miles if you have a trip you can redeem on BEFORE the devaluation in the future.

I think US Airways miles are currently the most valuable oneworld currency, because it’s the only currency that I know of which has decent award redemption levels and routing rules that let you go all over the place, including North Asia via Europe for only 90,000 miles in business class. At this point the previous for Star Alliance awards still apply for the most part. I’m assuming this will change as well when the programs merge. I talked about my first of many US Dividend Miles oneworld redemption here, which you can read if you want to learn more in detail about routing rules.

If you don’t have any miles in an account, you’d best look for a partner to do a trade with. You can also top up your accounts with a Aeroplan to US Airways transfer if you want to do an F award or transfer into your accounts from SPG, although those may take several days which means you might not see the miles in your account before the end of the promotion. The last time US Airways offered a share promotion was December and October last year, so I’m not sure whether it’ll run again in the future (although I certainly hope it will). In previous years they usually ran it once per year.

You can share miles through this link.

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