Dividend Miles Purchase Promotion (up to 100%)!

Dividend Miles is one of my favourite programs, as they have probably the cheapest redemptions for intercontinental flights as well as very lax routing rules as long as you get the right agent. They are having a purchase promotion of up to 100%, which will run until May 25.

Dividend Miles Purchase Promotion

Dividend Miles Purchase Promotion

Dividend Miles Purchase Promotion Overview

The promotion runs with tiered levels of bonuses. Any purchasea or gift of over 30,000 miles will generate a 100% bonus.

Buy miles from May 3rd until May 25th, 2014 and get up to a 100% bonus – up to 50,000 miles. The tiers are:

  • Buy 10,000 to 19,000 miles, get 50% bonus miles
  • Buy 20,000 to 29,000 miles, get 75% bonus miles
  • Buy 30,000 to 40,000 miles, get 100% bonus miles

Points are sold for 3.5 cents each, with a 7.5% tax recovery charge, so 50,000 miles with a 100% bonus (100,000 miles) will cost $1880 USD, which is around 1.88 cents. HST/GST is charged to Canadian residents, but you can always move* to avoid the HST. For comparison, the 100% share promotion they ran last month gave you the opportunity to generate miles at just under 1.20 cents.

Dividend Miles Purchase Promotion

Dividend Miles Purchase Promotion

Dividend Miles Purchase Promotion Worth It?

I personally think that it’ll be unlikely that the Share Miles promotion will return soon, because they just ran one in April. Dividend Miles as a program should cease to exist probably in a year or two, so all miles that you have in your accounts would be transferrable to AAdvantage. So at this point this promotion is the cheapest way to purchase points that’s publicly available and where you can start with an account with 0 points.

US Airways still isn’t charging fuel surcharges on British Airways flights, so this might be your only time to get British Airways First Class without fuel surcharges.

I don’t recommend purchasing miles if you don’t have an immediate use for the miles or the opportunity to be able to use them in an instant if a devaluation is imminent. The best redemptions are probably 110k roundtrip to Oceania/South Pacific in business class, and 120k roundtrip for First Class to North Asia. With a 100% purchase promotion, it’s going to cost at most $2500, assuming you already have miles in your account.

The best way to top up your account is leveraging the Aeroplan to US Airways transfer via points.com at a 1:0.84 ratio. I wrote a post about that at this link.

To purchase miles, click here.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    I have zero miles now, if I wish to travel first class (round-trip) from LAX to HKG, will US allow me to buy enough miles to make this trip happen and which airline do you recommend I fly – based on ease of redemption and airline quality? Thanks!

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