Daily Getaways 2014 Previews Released!

Daily Getaways is a great way to purchase discounted travel packages from major companies. It’s running this year from May 19 to June 20, and you can now see a list of all the packages offered at the Daily Getaways website. Most often, the companies will offer points to credit

I’ll comment briefly on each of the weeks:

Daily Getaways Week 1

Daily Getaways 2014 Week 1

Daily Getaways 2014 Week 1

We have points packages from Wyndham, Choice, Hertz, and Hilton, which Daily Getaways markets as hotel nights or car rentals. The Choice points might be worth it since they convert to airline miles between 1.8-2.3 cents, which might be worth it if you were intending to purchase Alaska miles, for instance. The Wyndham and Hilton packages are not worth it given the devaluations they’ve had over the past year. The Hertz points might also be worth it, although I’m not even old enough to rent a car yet. If you have a friend with Hertz Platinum status the points might be worth a lot.

Daily Getaways Week 2

Daily Getaways 2014 Week 2

Daily Getaways 2014 Week 2

Here we have Vegas, IHG, and other trip packages. I’d say the IHG points might be worth it if you were considering using cash and points to “buy” IHG points at 0.7 cents. Here the packages will yield IHG points at around 0.6 cents. This of course might be too high for you if you can game the Big Win promotions.

Daily Getaways Week 3

Daily Getaways 2014 Week 3

Daily Getaways 2014 Week 3

In this week we have a few more travel and other hotel packages, which are of no interest to me. The one that really catches my attention is the Hyatt points, which I definitely will be gunning for as you can purchase the Hyatt points for around 1.1 cents apiece. This is a very good value, although with anywhere between 15-90 packages up for grabs it’s going to be very difficult.

Daily Getaways Week 4

Daily Getaways 2014 Week 4

Daily Getaways 2014 Week 4

Daily Getaways Week 5

Daily Getaways 2014 Week 5

Daily Getaways 2014 Week 5

The last two weeks don’t have very good offers, in my opinion. This might differ, for example, if you need a stay at a Fairmont, or stays at Marriott on a revenue rate.

Just a quick note that while the FAQ says that the offers are for US residents only I haven’t had problems purchasing with a credit card (I used a non-Canadian AMEX US last year and I’d assume that a US debit Visa/Mastercard would work too).

You can access the details of the Daily Getaway Offers here.

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  1. Jeff
    I think you should mention it’s for USA residents only (your blog sadly has Canadian in it, ha, and therefore should clarify most deals if possible)
    I’m happy to know tricks to bypass such requirement

    Who is eligible to participate? Any resident of the U.S. who is 18 years or older may purchase an offer with any valid credit card.

  2. How did you get a non-Canadian AMEX US credit card? I called AMEX (in Canada) earlier this year, as I was travelling to the US and they said there wasn’t a US $ card available. Did I call the wrong place.

    Thanks for your tips, Jeff.

  3. Week 1 seems really weak but gets better after that.

    Nice post thanks (Then again I’m in the US so not sure how this applies or not to Canada) 🙂

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