Giveaway: $200 Visa Gift Card from LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy is a cool travel app available for iPhone and Android.



It’s the only app I know of that includes a list of all lounges (including those from all the alliances and any third-party lounges) and determines what lounges you’re eligible to access given your flight, class or service, and any elite status or lounge memberships you may have.

LoungeBuddy App Screenshot

LoungeBuddy App Screenshot

LoungeBuddy App Screenshot

LoungeBuddy App Screenshot

LoungeBuddy App Screenshot

LoungeBuddy App Screenshot

LoungeBuddy is also hosting, in partnership with Cathay Pacific, the “Escape to Hong Kong” Sweepstakes, which offers a chance for someone to win a prize package featuring two tickets to Hong Kong and more.

LoungeBuddy and Cathay Pacific Sweepstakes

LoungeBuddy and Cathay Pacific Sweepstakes

It includes:

  • Two (2) roundtrip Premium Economy Class tickets from winner’s departing port (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Newark, San Francisco, Toronto or Vancouver) to Hong Kong.

  • Luxurious airport lounge access on the trip.

  • A private guided tour of the Cathay Pacific lounges in Hong Kong.

  • One year of Cathay Pacific’s frequent flyer program, Marco Polo Club, with complimentary Silver tier status for a year which provides the holder with:

    • Access to Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounges and Dragonair Lounges (when departing on Cathay Pacific or Dragonair flights)

    • Priority Boarding, Advanced Seat Reservations, Priority Waitlisting, Extra-legroom Seats, Priority Baggage Handling and more.

You can check out the details of how to enter the sweepstakes at this link, which runs through the end of the month.

To promote this contest, LoungeBuddy has offered a $200 Visa Gift Card to give to a reader here. I’m not receiving anything to host this giveaway. Please comment in this post and answer the following question to enter:

What mobile Apps do you use at the airport? What features do you love about them?

The comment must be left before 7 PM Pacific Time on Friday, May 23 to be eligible to win the Gift Card. If you have questions about this contest, please email me as they may be lost in the entry comments. I make all the decisions regarding the giveaway and there is no appeal.

I hope someone here wins the giveaway for the Cathay Tickets!

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  1. LoungeBuddy to find lounges. Helps me find the lounges I can access for no charge based on my credit cards. TripCase to keep track of gates and departure times.

  2. I use Priority Pass because that’s my primary lounge access. And I really like Gate Guru and Seat Alerts. They keep me apprised of any last-minute changes.

  3. Whatever airline app I’m flying on & flight aware for gate changes, delays, or cancellations. Chefs feed for planning my food itinerary.

  4. The app for whatever airline I am flying on for updated information regarding my flight; whatsapp to keep in contact with my family back home and flight aware to monitor any changes.

  5. whatapps. at airport, i alreayd have tickets and booked hotels. no need to use airline or hotel apps, unless sometimes i am searching for last minute deals.

  6. I use whatever app keeps my daughter entertained so that she doesn’t run away in the airport.

  7. Lounge buddy is the first one I have that is not just an airline app. Can’t wait to find me some lounges.

  8. I use Vonage for free international phone calls, gate guru, priority pass, the airlines I am flying on. Downloading lounge buddy now.

  9. Use my Priority Pass app and airline apps when travelling. Will give Lounge Buddy a try as well.

  10. I use the PriorityPass App for the ease of simply logging in when in the terminal to get my options to choose from!

  11. Too funny, I never knew of Loungebuddy until now as I usually search for apps on my ipad. That being said, downloaded Loungebuddy and it is pretty fine. My apps are for comfort while travelling, I figure while at the airport I am at the lounge, to which I will now use loungebuddy to find, anyway so I look for apps that I can use while at the lounge like: Instagam, twitter, Feedly, Zite, Reverb. I like the simplicity of all these apps. Oh yea, cant forget about weather eye, gotta check out the weather at home and appreciate why I am travelling.

  12. I use the priority pass app, but really just because I have their card. I might just give loungebuddy a try

  13. At the airport I typically use airline apps, ITA and Skype (when abroad). Will give lounge buddy a try!

  14. I’ve enjoyed TripIt! as it’s helped me stay organized and I like how it can include others for the notifications. That way I don’t have to keep telling my partner what my trip information is, he can go right to the app!

  15. I use App in the Air. It has all the check-in details, including what gate the flight is leaving from, and updates you on any delays.

  16. up until now ive used priority pass but loungebuddy seems great- i also use the “unlike” city guide app to research cool local places to check out before i travel…helps me feel in the know!

  17. Flight Track. Helps me know when family member flights arrive or depart early or late. And I find it to be much more accurate than the airports website. I hate paying extra for parking because I arrived on time but the flight ended up being 45min late. So this is sooo necessary

  18. The respective airline i’m flying’s app. Priority Pass App has come in useful as well, will see how it stacks up against this one.

  19. I use the United app to bring up my boarding pass and then the Starbucks app to buy my coffee after security.

  20. At the airport, I tend to use AwardWallet to look up account numbers, TripIt to retrieve reservations, and the American or United app to pull up my boarding pass.

  21. If domestic I use yelp to find restaurant reviews, I use the priority pass app for international to find lounges

  22. I start using lounge buddy lately, and really like it. Helps me find the lounges around and the ones I can access.

  23. I use whatsapp when traveling overseas. Ita and AA app since I travel primarily on AA. All a very easy to use – I will definitely give lounge buddy a try as I constantly look up which lounges are available!

  24. Loungebuddy and what ever airline I happen to be traveling on. Sometimes I use an airport app for reconfirmation.

  25. A few handy apps for me are Priority Pass, Seat Alerts, TripAdvisor, airportZoom, yelp. I will check out loungebuddy.

  26. Trip it pro is the way to go. Notifies gate changes, flight delays and cancellations, even gives you alternate flights

  27. I use the airline app (whichever I am flying on) to check for flight status and updates.

  28. Just FlightTrack to see where my planes are at. Otherwise, it’s nice just to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the airport while trying to relax.

  29. I use LoungeBuddy and App in The Air to check for lounges and for any changes in my connecting flights.

  30. I use the app for whichever airline I’m flying on to check on gate changes, delays, or cancellations.

  31. Priority Pass
    Good for OFFLINE lounge finding

    Now hoping Lounge Buddy will have OFFLINE access too, unless airport has FREE wi-fi to begin with

    • Hey Jerry, we have offline access. When you first download LoungeBuddy we store the most pertinent data on the phone so that if you’re without internet access you can still use the App to find your perfect airport lounge 🙂

  32. I use Priority Pass and FlightStats app, good for finding which lounge I am eligible to use, and check the delay of the flights!

  33. LoungeBuddy will be really helpful. Priority Pass’ listing of lounges (a black & white PDF that is hundreds of pages long) is a little inconvenient for me.

  34. Mainly the app for whatever airline I’m flying, weather, and of course Lounge Buddy. Always good to know where I can get comfortable and/or productive.

  35. Podkicker to load up a whole bunch of podcasts on my phone so I have something to listen to on the plane. And viber to talk to whoever will be picking me up from the airport on the other side.

  36. FlightBoard, so I am notified of gate changes and delays without having to search for airport monitors.

  37. Loungebuddy and also whatever company’s app. I like to use loungebuddy for airports that I do not frequent much to see what, if any lounges I can get in. Also, company’s app to check flight status and other info

  38. After you open the App and go through the start sequence, the App will update. Once complete, you can access all information about the lounges minus the reviews and photos without a data connection.

  39. New to the game of lounge access either via CC or airline status I try to achieve this year. Thanks for all your great posts.

  40. TripIt, Concur, SeatGuru and Stow (okay, its a packing app but I use the airport time to plan my next trip). Just put loungebuddy in my travel folder on my iPhone. Looking forward to adding it to my go-to-apps for travel.

  41. I use LoungeBuddy to help me find the amenities in lounges. It’s great to be able to take a shower after coming off a long flight.

  42. I use Tripit for my travel plans. Has helped me with all my flight updates including gate changes, flight delays, canceled trips and price changes

  43. I use LoungBuddy and Tripit most often. And now that BA has a new app I will probably use it more often.

  44. Loungebuddy, Delta, United, USAir, Priority Pass, Tripit. I’m still waiting for the app that will allow me to levitate all those stupid people in “boarding category 4” who crowd the door an hour before the flight is even called. 🙂

  45. I use the app for whatever airline I’m flying, United’s app has worked pretty well with updates.

  46. I use Flight Aware to track my flights! Woohoo! 🙂
    Excited to try out Loungebuddy on my next flight!!


  47. Flight aware to see when my flights arrive and plan on leaving..

    I will definatly check out LoungeBuddy now

  48. I’m impressed that Loungebuddy actually responded to one of my corrections to their lounge offerings and quickly corrected the mistake!

  49. Just the apps for the airline I’m flying and google. Loungebuddy is now being added as we speak. I am often confused in a new airport as to which lounge is best for the airline and Status that I have.

  50. I use Priority Pass, I like being able to see what amenities I can expect in the lounges I have access to.

  51. I use Loungebuddy + Whatsapp + Whatsbusy (A life saver! Tells you the current security queue times!)

  52. I usually download the airport app if there is any. Otherwise, tripit to keep track of my flights and all my other reservations and the airlines app for my tickets. The Loungebuddy app sounds like it would be super useful. I remember wandering all over CDG hunting for their Air France lounge. Eventually I found one (in a terminal I didn’t expect it to be in) and it was right next to me…AFTER I paid for a crappy lunch. *sigh*

  53. Whatsapp and Facebook to keep in contact with friends. Can’t use loungebuddy because there’s no blackberry 10 version :(.

  54. I use Tripit to check my flight is on time, and I use the airline app of the airline I’m flying, and airport apps for major airports. Also Priority Pass if I’m not travelling business class for lounge access. Downloaded Loungebuddy and expect to find it useful in the future.

  55. I like trip because it’s an easy way to organize mt travel itinerary. But i’d like to give Lounge Buddy a try the next time I travel.

  56. I like the weather app, springpad and evernote to stay organized for my trips

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  57. I use the NYTimes app to catch up on the news, and Shortyz when I want to do some crossword puzzles.

  58. Usually I use gaming apps, or the kindle app to read a book while waiting for a flight or on a layover. This loungebuddy app sounds great!

  59. Hi!! I tend to use the Kobo App the most, as its an easy way to have a library in your pocket. Whatever i want to read, its there. Flipboard is also really great for this.

    otherwise, i’m a huge fan of Xbox Music. Just lick a song and it builds a radio station around it. The free version to this would be Songza.

    Thanks for the post!

  60. I use LoungeBuddy to find lounges. I love knowing exactly where to find certain lounges and what amenities to expect. Really useful in airports with many lounges. I usually fly Delta so I use the Delta app. I love the convenience it provides on the day of flying. I use FourSquare to check in to various places. It’s just fun. I also use it to find good places to eat. I have also used GateGuru for that as well. I use Uber and Lyft to get rides to my destination. Love the on demand service and convenience. I also use FlightBoard to check flight times and gate numbers.

  61. TripIt to keep track of my flights, and FlightAware to track the inbound.

    Google Now also has been great at keeping up to date if my flight is delayed! 🙂

  62. Foursquare- I use it to check in, find places around me, keep track of places I have been, and use the map to get to where I want to go!

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