Why You Can Afford to be Cheap

If there’s one thing I love in the world, it’s not Lufthansa First Class as some of you might believe, but my readers. Because I know sometimes I don’t say it enough, but it’s true, I do. Now with that in mind, the only thing I love almost as much as you guys is saving money – so that’s why in the Canadian spirit, I’m going to tell you all about the amazing money you can save by doing things… just a little different.

One of the things about traveling is that everything is heck expensive – no kidding right? I love Park Hyatts more than my grandkids (when I get them… but shhhh don’t tell them that) but damn those things will burn a hole in your pocket faster than my lovely colleagues here can tell you about all the amazing features of the Chase Ink Bold sign-up bonus. (In the interest of full disclosure… fooled ya, didn’t I?)

Anyway, depending on how much willpower I can muster (not much, trust me that’s for sure) I’ll write up either one post or a series of ways you can save money doing the things you love. Or is that doing the thing you love which is saving money, I’m not too sure anymore – this whole blogging business is confusing, I tell you.

One of my favourite ways to save money is by walking or using public transit whenever possible. For example, take one of my most Canadianest cities – Toronto. One of the hidden gems in Toronto is the Homewood Suites by Hilton Toronto Airport Corporate Centre. Unlike the much maligned Park Hyatt Sydney where you’re confined to normal rooms like plebeian commoners, each room is a suite! (Oh my god right? I can hear your panties dropping in excitement). But other than having more space for your own good (I’m perpetually single, how much space do I need?), the real thing I love about this property is not only the free airport shuttle (goodbye forever, taxis) but also the easily accessibility by public transport.

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Elegant, no? I’ll have you know I had a great time waiting for half an hour at the bus stop at Islington Station (it was a Sunday). But my point is, at a rate of $96 CAD per night, getting there might not be pretty but you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

But don’t be fooled, the Homewood Suites is no halfway house – in fact, it ranks number 8 on TripAdvisor of all Toronto hotels, a whole 12 spots above my beloved Park Hyatt. While this is a heartbreaking revelation for my marriage with Hyatt (someone put me on suicide watch, stat) – the fact of the matter is that given the quality and price, this is truly a diamond in the rough. (For what it’s worth, the Homewood Suites Toronto Airport Corporate Centre is a category 5 property – so really not worth spending your points here).


Location, location… location? The view from Homewood Suites Toronto Airport Corporate Centre – but it’s cheap, and that’s what matters


  1. but that hotel Jeff is way the heck away from down town Toronto. You’ll still be on TTC for half an hour before you get to the cities core. And for a late night? Well you’re hooped. TTC stops running around 1am and a cap out to that area is around $50. You save on hotel cost but you’ll eat it all back up in time and taxi.

    When I stay in cities, I’ll pony up a few extra bucks to be centrally located then out in the middle of no where and compromising time spent for time travelled.

    • True, this is only good for certain circumstances – business travelers, maybe not so much. But if you do plan to be back before sundown or have a flight the next day, it’s unbeatable.

  2. “But don’t be fooled, the Homewood Suites is no halfway house – in fact, it ranks number 8 on TripAdvisor of all Toronto hotels, a whole 12 spots above my beloved Park Hyatt.”

    From the photos of the PH on TripAdvisor, I can see why. It looks horrible.

  3. Jeff – your humour re the “Ink Bold” pen was lost on me. I unfortunately thought “hey – Jeff has a way to get the ink bold card in Canada” so was a bit peeved to be vectored to a pen refill ad. Not nice, unfortunately.

    Otherwise I still read your blog and enjoy (not to be too negative today)

  4. Forgot to agree with you about the YYZ airport Homewood Suites Hotel. I generally use the Airport Hilton as it has an exec floor that is open during the week and the price can compare to the Homewood. I presume this Homewood also offers dinner during the week?

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