Find out your Uber Passenger Rating

Update: Unfortunately Uber has fixed the glitch. You may still be able to find your rating if you talk to a driver (who will see your rating).

One of the apps I carry on my phone and use quite frequently when I’m travelling is Uber. For those of you who don’t know, Uber is a great car service where you can use in many cities worldwide to order a car with your smartphone.

New users can earn up to a $30 credit on their first ride. If you haven’t already signed up, this is currently and historically the most credit that Uber gives from a referral code signup. I get a free ride if you take one too – thanks for your support!

I find the UberX rates in the US really reasonable, especially if you get a black car. Just earlier this month when I was in DC I ordered an UberX and stacked with a promotion code (which unfortunately has expired), my ride to DCA Airport cost $7. The car that came and picked me up was a Mercedes S-Class too, so it’s pretty much as good as it gets when you’re paying a similar cost to public transit. 😉

At the end of each rate, you can rate the driver on a rating out of 5. But drivers also rate you after your ride. Uber has never released those ratings but there’s a website glitch which was posted on you can leverage to see your rating.

Here’s the steps the article provides for you to retrieve your rating:

Edit: Uber is currently trying to fix it. Hurry to find your rating!

Uber has rating system for Drivers and Passengers. Both can rate each other.

Uber doesn’t give any easy way for users to find their rating.

Follow steps below to find your rating. Either download the chrome extension or follow instructions manually.


  1. Go to and log in.
a screenshot of a login page

Sign In

2. When page below loads, open console (CMD + option + j on Chrome).

a screenshot of a map

Open Console

3. Paste Javascript code into your console.

if(window.Uber.pingData === false) { location.reload(); } else { alert(“Name : ” + window.Uber.pingData.client.firstName + ” ” + window.Uber.pingData.client.lastName + “nEmail : “+ + “nPassenger rating is : “+ window.Uber.pingData.client.rating); }

4. The first time you paste code, your browser will reload. Keep the console open and once the page loads again, paste code again. If you are successful, popup below will appear.

The code shows up a bit weird on my post – see the medium post if you can’t get it to work.

My rating was 4.8.

Uber Rating

Uber Rating

I thought it was amusing, so thought I’d share. What rating did you get?

If you don’t already have Uber, you can sign up here.

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  1. Mine said my driver rating was “undefined”. Maybe because I have only used it 4-5 times so far.?
    Fun to try out.

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