Is Uber Returning to Vancouver?

Uber has literally changed the way I travel. For those of you who don’t know, Uber is a great car service where you can use in many cities worldwide to order a car with your smartphone. The app has made it much easier to manage my transportation needs when in a city, especially where public transit isn’t the best option.

New users can earn up to a $30 credit on their first ride. If you haven’t already signed up, this is currently and historically the most credit that Uber gives from a referral code signup. 



Yesterday, I saw an article pop up on my feeds that Uber was potentially returning to Vancouver. I’ve been hoping for this day for a LONG time, so I was incredibly happy. They’ve had to avoid Vancouver due to bylaws which mandate a minimum $75 for private cars. Most recently they were in Vancouver for Ice Cream Day, where they delivered Uber Swag and Ice Cream to users.

Apparently, Uber has been looking at hiring drivers through targeted social media ads, and they’ve also uploaded several administrative position postings on their jobs site.

Uber Vancouver Targeted Ad

Uber Vancouver Targeted Ad

Most likely, they’d attempt restarting their UberBlack service before launching an UberX service, which is a ride driven by a regular person in their own car.

I’m really hoping they’ll be back in Vancouver soon!


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  1. Same ads as they ran in Toronto for a month or two before starting UberX there.

    Tactic there seems to have been to start the service, wait for the taxis to object and then use the customer base they’ve just created to petition the city to allow them operate.

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