TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Annual Fee Waived Promotion!

Update: The offer with waived first year annual fee has been extended until Aug 31, 2015. See my updated post here.

Credit cards are really heating up this month, and it seems over the past months that many issuers are one-upping each other with offers and benefits. Where I used to see the standard 15,000 miles as a signup bonus, most issuers has steadily increased those to 25,000 or 30,000. We now see cards like the Scotiabank Gold American Express, the BMO World Elite Cards, and most cards at the $250-$300 equivalent mark. That’s fantastic.

TD, since acquiring the ability to offer Aeroplan co-branded cards, is also trying to establish some market share. They’ve been offering 25,000 miles as a signup bonus for quite a while. However, the card came with a $120 annual fee, that I did not like. The only annual fees I would ever pay are the fees for the Starwood and American Express Platinum cards.

The TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite is now offering waived first year annual fees through a special link.

TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Waived Annual Fee Promotion

TD Aeroplan Visa First Year Fee Waived

TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite First Year Fee Waived

I think the offer has been going on since Friday, as that’s when it first started circulating around on forums. However, I didn’t notice until this morning.

The link with the fee waived is:

The latter link does include wording which waives annual fee, as you can see in the screenshot below.

TD Aeroplan VIsa Offer Page

TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Offer Page

If you are concerned about not having the fees rebated, then I’d suggest you take a printscreen of the application page to show to any relevant parties if necessary.

I would recommend the offer if there is no annual fee, as that’s essentially 26,000 free Aeroplan miles after completing the spending. If you are planning to apply, it is worth considering the American Business Gold Rewards Card, which is offering a CRAZY HIGH 40,000 points signup bonus! I highly recommend getting both cards.

After completing the spending, you’re at 71,000 free Aeroplan miles! That’s absolutely a smoking deal for getting just two Canadian credit card offers, and will get you First Class to Europe one-way or pretty close to a one-way business class ticket to Asia. The TD offer will run until October 31, while the American Express offer has an undetermined limited-offer time, which means it could be changed as soon as AMEX meets their targets.

TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Details

Combing through the fine print of the offer, it says

If you have opened an Account in the last 6 months, you will not be eligible for this offer. TD Canada Trust reserves the right to limit the number of Accounts opened by, and the number of Welcome Bonus Miles awarded to, any one person.

It seems they’re getting a little more picky with churners, although the wording is still lax.

Annual Fee for Primary Cardholder rebated for first year for new TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Accounts only. Annual Fee will be reversed within 2 monthly statements from the date of the charge. Annual Fee for any Authorized User Cards added to the Account continue to apply. Existing TD Aeroplan Cardholders are not eligible for this offer.

To be eligible, you currently cannot hold any TD Aeroplan Visa credit cards.

There’s nothing that I can see in the offer being targeted only to those who received the it, so it does appear that the public can apply through the links. You can see the full email offer here, and can apply for the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite here.

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  1. Interesting. The application went all the way through to the validation questions (previous address, etc.) and then failed saying it was not possible to continue and that I would be informed by email when I could pursue the application.

    • Called in and was told that Quebec residents need to fill in extra paperwork and / or go to a branch to finalize the application….

  2. how did you come up with 26 000…?

    “I would recommend the offer if there is no annual fee, as that’s essentially 26,000 free Aeroplan miles after completing the spending…”

  3. Called in to activate and ask about the 120 fee. CSR told me that it was a targeted offer to who received an email with that link. Can you confirm?

    In case I don’t receive the rebate and cancel after 2 months, will they refund the $120?

    • Not sure how they’d track that, but there’s nothing in the wording of the offer that says annual fee waiver limited only to those who received the targeted offer. If you don’t get the rebate I think you’d probably get the fee back.

  4. Jeff,

    I have just been denied for this card. I applied for 3 cards during the summer waited over 90 days and then applied for this card. However when applying there seemed to be problems with their system I seem to get through to the end then it blocked. I waited a couple of days, tried again now I have been denied I spoke to TD they said it was the credit bureau who declined. I am surprised since I have an excellent credit ( to my knowledge) how long until I should try to apply again to another card ( i.e. AMEX Gold)?


    • Perhaps you could ask them on the specific reason the credit bureau declined your application. Usually, they’ll give a reason like too many recent inquiries, or you already have too much credit, or a similar reason. You should also get a copy of your credit score for free to check that you don’t have anything that shouldn’t be on the report.

  5. I tried to fill out the forms on line but was advised that it could not identify me and to go to the TD Branch. I did that and after several calls, they still could not get me approved for the first year free. They updated my information and then said to try on line again, which I did but got the same response.
    The teller tried other sources and sure enough, I went back to the bank and they agreed to waive the first year fees.
    A difficult process, but worth it if you have the time.

  6. If I opened an account in Jan 2014 and cancelled my card a few days back, do you think it qualifies? It doesnt say my account has to be closed for more than 6 months right….. Let me know how YMMV went.

  7. This TD promotion is a complete scam. The aeroplan points are useless – most flights are crappy 2 connection flights and the taxes are not covered. And they charged the annual fee of $120 the second year. An example of how Canadian banks make money – charging astronomical fees.

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