Massive Aeroplan Pricing “Sale”… Happening Right Now!

Update: Aeroplan has removed the multi-city price option. Looks like deal is dead.

Yesterday I talked about the new Aeroplan pricing system and the new method that the computer uses to auto-validate routings. Many things have changed, yet during the engine swap something very interesting has happened. I looked into it further, and it just turned out be one of the greatest pricing “curiosities” Aeroplan has ever seen.

Right now, every single itinerary is pricing to the amount of your first stopover, regardless of the final destination. As you can imagine, this is huge. In effect, you can travel anywhere in the world for the price of a domestic award. If you currently have Aeroplan points sitting around (such as from the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card), this is an unbeatable opportunity to use them.

Look at Toronto to Montreal… to Paris. For the same price as a domestic round trip.

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Toronto to Montreal to Paris to Toronto for the same price as a domestic award

The “original” price will show on the first screen, but when you click through, the lower price is displayed instead. In order to click through to book, you’ll need at least 50% of the miles required of the “original” price. Of course if you begin/end in other zones, you can get a business or first class “mini-RTW” for the price of a simple domestic.

Of course this is not going to last, but this will go down as one of the biggest “sale” fares I have ever seen.

Earning Aeroplan Miles

Just as a recap, the best ways to earn Aeroplan miles are by flying, credit cards or transferring them from American Express Membership Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest. Current credit card offers useful for accruing Aeroplan include:

Alternative cards include the American Express Platinum Card (Canada) which comes with a 60,000 point signup bonus, as well as the Starwood Preferred Guest Card (Canada) which comes with a 10,000 point signup bonus.

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  1. Thanks for the hot tip Jeff (surprised it’s not on BBM group?)
    Sadly the above route priced at 50K + $1100 CAD (yes, AC YQ!!), but I’m gonna explore ways/destinations

    I’d guess this bug is not found over the phone, so we’re stuck with online multi-city engine 🙁

  2. Wow, do you think you could just share this without pushing credit cards? Clearly signing up for a card at this point has no effect on booking this reward glitch.

  3. Thanks Jeff! Just booked J class with BR/OZ with stopover in TPE from HKG-SYD. YQ was $427 CAD, but it is in J class so I am okay with that ;).

  4. don’t have enough miles, can anyone help check what is final miles needed for
    hkg-jfk, Nov 15- Dec 7?
    thanks in adavance!

  5. UH UH

    Please contact the Aeroplan Contact Centre within the next 24 hours to complete your booking”

  6. Just got the same! Too slow…

    Please contact the Aeroplan Contact Centre within the next 24 hours to complete your booking”

  7. Can I fly from New York to Sydney, Kingsford Smith, AU (SYD. In business for 50K? I have no Aeroplan miles but have a lot of American Express and Starwood. How long does the transfer take??

  8. Just booked USA-Europe 2 round-trip without a hitch, 50k miles in J. Thanks, and please keep this off of FT since Air Canada reps review the Aeroplan forum regularly.

  9. The reason it requests agent intervention is the fees/taxes cannot be calculated. Any theories on that?

    Airport taxes, fees and surcharges for the destinations you selected will have to be calculated manually. Once you finish your booking, you will be instructed to call the Aeroplan Contact Centre in order to complete your reservation.

  10. Thanks Jeff. Unfortunately I snoozed and loosed!

    However – a note to the person who always had a problem paying – the AC website NEVER works for me if I use Internet Explore – ONLY if I use Firefox. May be a glitch as I am on Vista but I think the same thing applies on Windows 7 and definitely was a problem on Windows 98.

    So use Firefox, not IE.

    Thanks again

  11. I see this deal on FT at least 24-48 hours before on here. I would be curious to know how many tickets yreffej (and other bloggers) booked before he published this trick.

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