RBC Avion Transfer Bonuses!

I’ve recently picked up an RBC Avion Visa Infinite, and I’m quite in love with it. One of the best promotions are their avion transfer bonuses, two of which are currently running.

RBC Avion Visa Infinite: 15,000 Points

RBC Avion Visa Infinite: 15,000 Points

RBC Avion, in my opinion, is the best alternative to American Express Membership Rewards, as they’re both transferrable currencies with a variety of shopping and travel partners.

RBC Avion Credit Cards

RBC currently offers five Avion-earning credit cards:

  • Avion Visa Infinite Privilege: Earn up to a 25,000 point welcome bonus
  • Avion Visa Infinite: Earn up to a 15,000 point welcome bonus
  • Avion Visa Platinum: Earn up to a 15,000 point welcome bonus
  • RBC Rewards+ Visa: Earn up to 3,500 Points after meeting requirements
  • Signature Rewards Visa

Only the first three cards have the ability to transfer to partner points programs. Sadly, these bonuses are quite low, as even the regular TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite is offering 30,000 points, while the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege is offering a whopping 65,000 points after meeting requirements!

In Canada, Avion is also the only program to transfer to American Airlines. As an Executive Platinum flyer, I’ve found it really useful in topping up my accounts and making redemptions such as Cathay Pacific Business Class, and Etihad First Class Apartments. Although AA devalued earlier this year, their business and first class redemptions are still quite reasonable compared to many other programs including Aeroplan.

Etihad Apartments First Class A380

Etihad Apartments First Class A380

RBC Avion Transfer Bonus Promotion

Avion is currently running a transfer bonus for two programs, British Airways Avios and Westjet Dollars.

50% Transfer Bonus to BA Avios

Avios is the program for British Airways. I’ve written about them repeatedly in the past, as they’re a great value for short-haul redemptions. RBC has run 30 and 50% transfer bonuses in the past, nearly always on schedule every few months. This bonus runs for just over six weeks, until December 17th. RBC Avion points transfer at a 1:1 ratio, with a minimum transfer of 10,000 points, so this promo allows you to receive 15,000 Avios with a 10,000 transfer amount.

RBC Avion Transfer Bonus (50% Avios)

RBC Avion Transfer Bonus (50% Avios)

This is quite good because the last two promotions with Avion they’ve run over the past 12 months have only been 30%. I’d rather transfer American Express Membership Rewards to Avios, as they’re a lot easier to collect, but for those with large RBC points balances, this is quite a good deal. Remember, with the American Express Platinum or Business Gold Card, you can earn 60,000 and 40,000 points respectively, which is enough for 5 roundtrips between short haul destinations such as Toronto – New York City.

15% Transfer Bonus to Westjet Rewards

Westjet Rewards is the program of the other major Canadian airline, Westjet. They’re primarily a revenue based program, as you earn a fixed percentage of Westjet dollars based on the cost of the flight, or in this case, the credit card points you convert. RBC Avion points convert at 100:1 Westjet Dollar, with a minimum conversion amount of 1000 RBC points. With a 15% bonus, you’re garnering $1.15 Westjet Dollars per 100 Avion points, for roughly a 1.15% value on your points. This promotion has been ongoing for a month, running until November 14th.

RBC Avion Transfer Bonus (15% Westjet Rewards)

RBC Avion Transfer Bonus (15% Westjet Rewards)

I’ve never converted points into Westjet rewards, but I would recommend utilizing this bonus depending on your travel patterns. If you’re a family that needs seats during peak dates such as Christmas or Spring Break, a fixed rebate rewards program is absolutely suitable for your needs. Keep in mind that these awards are tied towards the cost of a cash ticket, so if there’s a sale, it makes the cost of the award even lower.

Apply for the RBC Avion Visa Infinite here.

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  1. i have just opened my Canadian RBC account and tried to transfer 10,000 Avions points to BA Avios pt. It showed only a 1:1 transfer ;ie.10,000 BA Avios pt., so I don’t understand how you got this different message, unless this is based upon a RBC US account.

    Please let me know.

    • Gordon, the terms and conditions state: Please allow up to 4 weeks for your RBC Rewards points to be converted and for your Avios points to appear in your British Airways Executive Club account. I think that the bonus will be posted after the transfer occurs. Take a screenshot just in case.

    • Thanks for info.
      I never saw the bonus offer on my RBC account,nor in the emails RBC sends me.
      However, I called RBC visa and the agent told me that the info on the bonus points does NOT show up on the page where the conversion is done,nor anywhere during the process of conversion. Rather , BA gets the transfer of 10,000 RBC Avion pt and they add,in their internal system the bonus. She said that RBC would process the order for the 10,000 Avion pt. the next day[this has happened as the net Avion pt -deletion of transfer of pt. is shown in my account].
      BA takes its time to process the request in its internal system and I should see the
      the BA Avio points,including the 50% bonus points, posted within a month[RBC website says 5 days].I’ll check my Avio pt total in a month.
      Agent said that most RBC customers call for transfer of points.
      Conclusion: I suggested to agent to inform her superiors to adjust its ‘reward pt’ web section to show this information on bonus point promotion,under transfer to frequent flyer partners.

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