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I really haven’t written about hotel corporate codes before in detail. I’ve hinted at it here and there, but nothing really as prominent as this. So I hope this helps…

What are Hotel Corporate Codes?

Corporate codes and rates are for companies who spend significantly on travel. They are able to negotiate special rates for their employees. These rates vary to a high degree. Some rates permit use during leisure stays, while others are only allowed to be used during business trips.

In most cases, hotel corporate codes discount a percentage off the best available rate. In others, they may be fixed regardless of the date and standard rate. Any large corporation will have these codes, so if you work at one, it’s worth checking with the relevant department on what they are.

The availability of these rates vary significantly. Some may be capacity controlled. Others depend on room categories that are available. Often, there are certain days these rates can be used, as well as blackout periods.

Keep in mind that you should only be using these rates if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Hotel Corporate Codes Example

Let’s take a look at an example. The Hyatt Regency Toronto is a property that’s very convenient location-wise. Let’s say I want to stay there in February next year.

I have entered the IBM corporate code under the dropdown on the Hyatt site. If we look at the results, there’s a significant discount on the best available rate.

Hotel Corporate Codes - Hyatt Regency Toronto

Hotel Corporate Codes – Hyatt Regency Toronto

The lowest public rate is $225, while the IBM Corporate rate is $132.

Here’s what’s important. The rate details state (emphasis is mine):

IBM CORPORATION Valid company ID required at check in One room per employee per stay WAIVE EARLY DEPARTURE FEES Rate includes: – Local calls – No early departure fee – 6pm cancel policy

As I mentioned above, you should only be utilizing these rates if YOU ARE ELIGIBLE.

However, you are able to use these rates not being as a full-time IBM employee (as a reseller or affiliate). I’m not going to go into that here – you should have been at PointsU! However, you can see that there’s a significant discount of around 40%.

Advice on Hotel Corporate Codes

There are two obstacles set out by the property and the chain which prevent you from using hotel corporate codes. The first is obtaining the actual special offer code or Corporate ID rate to populate the discount. That’s something that’s available online, but the best codes are within private circles.

The second issue is whether you’ll be asked for a corporate business card or ID at check-in. I’ll tell you my experience here; however I will make a disclaimer. It is your own responsibility to ensure my content is right for your circumstances. I am not liable in any way from anything that happens based on what you read in this post.

Most domestic US and Canadian properties don’t care, as long as the rate is not absurdly low. This is the case with Hyatt, IHG, and Hilton. Starwood and Marriott have certain rates which do trigger ID checks depending on the company. In some cases, you can be verified to use a certain rate chain-wide.

This is the opposite with international properties, especially in Asia. If utilizing a rate at a property where you are not a frequent guest, it is almost guaranteed that you will be asked for ID, with very few exceptions. In some cases, you’ll even be contacted prior to check-in. Loyalty Lobby has an example of this with the Park Hyatt Sydney.

I might be harping on this, but I cannot say enough that you should only be using these rates if you are eligible to do so. If you’re not, the property is well within their rights at check-in to change your reservation to a rack rate. In most cases, that’s extremely high compared to the best available rate.

Getting Hotel Corporate Codes

The best verb I like to use when describing corporate codes is “gathering.” Just like insider tricks and deals, they are cultivated with experience in this community. Sure, there are some you can find online easily, but there so many which you will never hear about unless you make the effort to connect with others in person. The purpose of my post isn’t really to list out corporate codes (nor do I intend to at the moment), so that’s where I’m going to leave it for this post.

For further reading, check out how I beat standard hotel rates.

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  1. If you qualify to use the corporate employee codes you would likely obtain them from your company website or travel department. That should be the first clue on whether or not the use of such a code is ethical. A person can buy or find other peoples credit card numbers, child porn or all manner of things on the internet but it doesn’t make it right. I think your point about being qualified to use such codes if more important than the information itself.

  2. I will add one more note. I recently discovered that my company has 3 codes for some hotel chains as a result of affiliate companies. Rates and sometimes available hotels were different between them.

  3. I don’t know any codes but I have obtained corporate rates at times. I travel for my work and I’ll ask at the hotel if they have a corporate rate for company X, who I am traveling on behalf of. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. On more than a few occasions I have been given the hotel’s generic corporate rate!

  4. Hotel Corporate Codes should be only used by company employees, which you have acknowledged. Wouldn’t you think those employees will know who to use these Corp codes?

    The sole purpose of this article is to encourage your users to take risks in obtaining and using these codes, which contradicts the above.

    Surely you must have better content to write about.

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