Fairmont Gift Cards 20% Bonus!

Fairmont is one of my preferred hotel chains when travelling. Their presence is fairly limited outside Canada and the US, but it’s quite easy to get their top-tier status with the American Express Platinum Card.

American Express Platinum Fairmont Fastrack

American Express Platinum Fairmont Fastrack

In addition to offering 60,000 points as a welcome bonus after meeting the requirements, the Card offers great travel benefits. These include a fast-track to Fairmont Platinum after only 5 nights. The normal requirements are 30 nights/10 stays, so it’s a significantly lower barrier.

Fairmont Platinum status gets you a complimentary free night certificate at any Fairmont property (worth potentially over $500). You also receive dining/spa certificates, confirmed suite upgrades, and more. On top of that, as an Aeroplan distinction member, you get additional benefits on your paid stays when using their special rate code, such as late checkout and free breakfast.

It’s a no brainer for me simply because of the value I get when spending my travel dollars at Fairmont properties.

Fairmont Gift Card Promotion 20% Bonus

When you buy electronic Fairmont gift cards on November 25 between 1-4pm EST, they’ll give you a 20% bonus. This promotion runs for only three hours, so make sure you’re online at that time.

You’re only allowed one order per person, to a maximum order of $5000. This would yield a $1000 bonus e-gift card. Each card can be loaded with up to $2000 USD or CAD. If you’re ordering $5000, you would need to have multiple cards in your cart.

Fairmont Gift Cards 20% Bonus Promotion

Fairmont Gift Cards 20% Bonus Promotion

This promotion is fantastic if Fairmont properties are in your travel plans. Fairmont gift cards don’t expire. You can also use them at Fairmont dining outlets/spas even if you’re not staying, so it works out to a flat ~17% discount on all expenditure, which is fantastic.

If you decide not to partake in this sale, Fairmont has run these 20% bonus offers twice yearly, so budget accordingly.

Will you be buying any Fairmont Gift Cards with a 20% Bonus? Purchase your gift cards here.

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