Tumi Carry-On for $200! WOW!

During Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Amazon Canada was heavily discounting certain pieces of Tumi luggage. It seems like they’ve now brought back a variation of this promotion, with Tumi Carry-On bags discounted up to 80% off the retail price!

My friends rave about Tumi’s superb quality and customer service, so these are great bags. Right now I’m working with an inexpensive Samsonite bag purchased from Costco, but the international sizing will be really helpful on certain trips.

You can purchase a Tumi Alpha 2 International Carry-On for just $244 CAD/180 USD, which is an insane deal. It’s also the bag for a lot of frequent flyers, so if you need to keep up with all the ZZ-List miles/points celebrities, there you go.

Tumi Alpha 2 international Carry-On

Tumi Alpha 2 international Carry On

Alternatively, the Tumi V3 International Carry On is only $109 CAD/80 USD, which is the cheapest price I’ve ever seen for an authentic Tumi bag.

Tumi V3 Carry On

Tumi V3 Carry On

As with other Canadian deals, Amazon.ca does not ship to the US when purchasing from the Canadian site. The best way to take advantage would be to get a friend to help you or ship it to a hotel and pick it up when you’re vacationing here.

For other discounted pieces, check out the Amazon Canada Tumi Bag Sale.

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  1. Or, for $99.99, you could buy the VASTLY SUPERIOR Kirkland Signature Upright 21.5″ Black Carry-on. Stop wasting your money on Tumi, folks. It is only popular and expensive due to the massive amount of money spent marketing it, not because it is better luggage.

    I have a bunch of Tumi I bought when they had similar “amazing deals”, but what do I use when I travel every week? My Kirkland Signature Upright 21.5″ Black Carry-on!

  2. @Gene

    Different people have different priorities and needs. There are several things about Tumi that make it superior to Costco’s readily-available and option. What’s right for you isn’t right for everyone. I feel like I shouldn’t have to remind an adult of that, but here we are.

    Safe travels.

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