An Easy Way to Prevent Aeroplan Miles from Expiring!

Aeroplan is one of the programs with an strong expiration policy. If you have no activity in your account for just 1 year, you will lose the points in your account. That’s compared to two or three years for most other programs. However, with Carrot Rewards, you can easily avoid this.

Aeroplan Expiry – Credit Cards

If you’re a savvy Canadian traveller, it’s nearly impossible for this to happen. Nearly everyone I know carries the TD or CIBC co-branded cards, which circumvents the expiration rule. However, even if you don’t carry those cards, it’s pretty easy to get some points transferred over from American Express Membership Rewards. The minimum transfer amount from AMEX is 1,000 points and are instant, so that is probably the most convenient way to extend the expiration date of your aeroplan miles – quickly and easily online.

Aeroplan Expiry AMEX Transfer

Aeroplan Expiry AMEX Transfer

American Express currently has four charge cards earning Membership Rewards with improved bonuses – which are all historical highs.

To track the expiration date of my Aeroplan and other accounts, I utilize AwardWallet. If you don’t already have AwardWallet, sign up here. It securely tracks all your points and miles in different programs in one place. To get the expiration of all your accounts, you’ll need to sign up for the premium version, which is well worth it. Otherwise, you’re limited to seeing that information for only one or two accounts in your profile.

Aeroplan Expiry AwardWallet

Aeroplan Expiry AwardWallet

Earn Miles with Carrot Rewards

You can always redeem a few miles on a cheap redemption or donation – but those are generally a poor value and every mile counts. The alternative is shopping through their eStore or their retail partners like Esso, but you still have to go to the store or buy something. My goal is to make things work while doing as little as possible.

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Carrot Rewards is an iPhone/Android health app, that allows you to earn rewards for being healthy. You earn rewards in two ways:

  1. Completing surveys on health and fitness.
  2. Meeting “step” challenges, if you connect a fitness band.
Carrot Rewards

Carrot Rewards

In addition to being able to earn Aeroplan, you can also earn SCENE, Petro-Points, and More Rewards. You can download the app on your device’s relevant app store. This is sponsored by the Ontario, NL, and BC governments – so I believe in order to be eligible you will need a postal code in one of those three provinces.

When first signing up, use code jeffreyk0909 to earn 75 bonus Aeroplan Miles. That and any future activity will give you 2-5 miles, which is negligible. What’s more important, though, is that each transactions resets the expiration counter on your miles.

Carrot Rewards - Prevent Aeroplan Expiry

Carrot Rewards – Prevent Aeroplan Expiry

To my knowledge, this is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent Aeroplan miles expiration, and is especially useful if you don’t have a credit card that allows you to earn or transfer Aeroplan points.

Download Carrot Rewards and use code jeffreyk0909 to earn 75 Aeroplan Miles Free!

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  1. In order to signup you need to use postal code in those provinces, or simply copy the postal code given as an example during the signup process 😉

  2. I would also add UPS store to the list. I paid 50c for a photocopy and earned 1 aeroplan mile. The mile showed up in 3 business days compared to the miles earned through cc which appears on the account only once a month.

  3. A friend just sent me the sign up today. Signed up with a randomly selected postal code without any issue. Unless they cross reference my Aeroplan account # address, I hope to see a few points and lies a few more pounds, over the next few weeks.

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