Scotiabank Gold American Express – 30,000 Points Signup Bonus ($300 Free!)

Last year, I wrote about how to earn up to 4% on all purchases with the Scotiabank Gold American Expressby leveraging prepaid and reloadable cards. This is one of only two cards in Canada that allow you to do that.

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Scotiabank Gold American Express - 30,000 Points!

Scotiabank Gold American Express – 30,000 Points!

With the Scotiabank Gold American Express, you will earn 4 points per $1 on the first $50,000 in net purchases per calendar year at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and bars, and entertainment. This is per calendar year, so in the first twelve months of card membership, you can earn up to $4000 cashback (on 100k). Even though it’s a premium American Express card, the minimum income required is only $12,000, so nearly everyone with good credit will qualify for this card.

However, Scotiabank has improved their signup bonus for this card, which makes it even better just to pick up.

Scotiabank Gold American Express Improved Offer

This card is now offering 30,000 points after $750 of spend within the first three months of opening the account, along with a first year annual fee waiver. That’s $300 of travel, free.

Scotia American Express Gold Rewards Redemption

Scotia American Express Gold Rewards Redemption

Scotia Rewards are great because you can book your own travel and then apply points to offset the purchase. This means you can redeem your points on the taxes of awards reward tickets. This includes Aeroplan, because they post as an Air Canada charge. With this card, your awards could be $0 out-of-pocket.

Offer is valid until October 31, 2017. Apply for the Scotiabank Gold American Express today!

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  1. Hi,

    I am curious to know your thoughts on this card compared to the CIBC Dividend Platinum Visa for low-income earners. The Scotia AMEX has more 4% categories but worse acceptance than the CIBC Visa, but both have the same $99 annual fee, FYF. Which card would you recommend to hold on to in the long term?

  2. The 30,000 and 750$ spend in 3 months is now over, the link highlights in red the new promo which is less points (50$) and 250$ more spend to aquire the 25,000 pts.


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