Hyatt Gift Cards for 18% Off!

My preferred hotel chain is Hyatt. Part of the reason why is that I get treated really well – for example my gigantic suite at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City.

Hyatt Regency Jersey City

Hyatt Regency Jersey City

The other is that there are many ways to receive discounts on the standard rates at most Hyatt properties – through cash and points rates, corporate codes, best rate guarantees, and discounted gift cards.

Hyatt E-Gift Cards are currently 18% off with GiftCardSpread. These can only be used in continental North America and certain Mexican and Caribbean properties.

Gift Card Spread Hyatt Discount

Gift Card Spread Hyatt Discount

You can use these gift cards on top of discounted rates, which makes it an even better deal.

One note of caution is that security on these cards have been notoriously lax. There have been many cases where thieves have manage to obtain gift card numbers and steal funds.

I’ve actually had that happen to me, but it was resolved pretty smoothly. You shouldn’t worry. Each gift card reselling site has a date range where they will reimburse you for a stolen gift card (not just with Hyatt) that ranges between 7-90 days. GiftCardSpread has a 60 day return policy.

Gift Card Spread Return Policy

Gift Card Spread Return Policy

This means that if you are buying a gift card, you should already have a upcoming stay booked. Don’t buy these speculatively. Otherwise, you always have the option of disputing the charge on your credit card, in the worst case scenario.

Purchase Hyatt Gift Cards at 18% off today!

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  1. I bought $750 of Hyatt gift cards from Gift Card Spread last year (3x $250) and all three were drained. I received refunds on all three….but it was some major work. Unless you are using these within days of purchase, I would hard pass on this discount.

  2. Is the purchase instantaneous? I placed an order but nothing seemed to happen. I did not receive the gift card in my email.

  3. If you are a Canadian I think that buying these gift cards also poses a 5% risk too. When you buy your Canadian credit card charges 2.5% and if they refund your purchase you are dinged another 2.5%.

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