Aeroplan Change and Cancellation Policies

What happens when you need to change or cancel an Aeroplan award? In most cases, Aeroplan change fees apply. While most agents are competent in calculating these, there are occasions where errors have been made.

Now, when you’re earning Aeroplan miles, I recommend American Express cards given the upcoming Aeroplan/Air Canada contract termination. That’s because they have the option to transfer to Aeroplan, but other partners as well depending on how things go. For more details, see my post on whether I’ll still be collecting Aeroplan miles and my thoughts on the impending breakup.

Four charge cards are available, all with increased bonuses. AMEX has also just improved their application eligibility requirements, making it easier for many people to obtain a card.

There are two different situations for reward changes or refunds, ranging from $30 to $200. Aeroplan change fees apply to all reservations, from domestic one-way awards to Round-The-World First Class tickets. All change fees are in Canadian Dollars, exclude tax, and are non-refundable.

Aeroplan Change Fees (including Cancellations)

Changes can be done up to 2 hours before departure. This has to be done through the Aeroplan call center, and will cost $100 per direction for most members. For Aeroplan diamond members, this will only be $75. With multi-city rewards, each direction would be from your origin to the point of turnaround.

You can also cancel your current ticket. This can be easily completed online, and is the best option if you don’t have an alternative itinerary yet. You aren’t charged any fees until you rebook your new flights. Technically, that would mean that you won’t have to pay anything, but it means forfeiting your miles. If travel hasn’t started yet, you are free to apply the mileage value of the ticket towards an entirely different itinerary. If you redeem 25,000 miles to Ottawa for Canada Day, but need to cancel, the value of your redemption can be applied towards, for example, a trip to Munich for New Years.

Aeroplan Change Fees - Within 21 Days

Aeroplan Change Fees – Within 21 Days

If the ticket has already been partially used, you are limited to what you can rebook. Last year, I had a Europe multi-city itinerary in business class with stops in Vienna, Mallorca, and Paris. I ended up meeting a couple friends in Paris, and ended up flying with them on Lufthansa First Class. So with that multi-city ticket that I had cancelled from Paris, I could either fly from Paris to North America or Europe Zone 1 to Vancouver.

Aeroplan tickets are valid for an year from issue, so all travel must be completed then, whether you’re changing or cancelling.

Aeroplan Refund Fees

Unfortunately, Aeroplan has an archaic policy when refunding miles to your account. Refunds are permitted up to 22 days before departure, and can be completed both online and via the phone.

The fees for a refund is $150 per ticket for general members. This means you save more money cancelling your trip and booking a completely separate reservation, instead of changing both ends of your trip, which costs $200. Refund fees are a lot lower for Diamond members. For tickets that can be cancelled online, only a $30 fee applies. With phone cancellations, its $100.

Aeroplan Change Fees – Other Tips

This chart summarizes all the different change and cancellation fees with Aeroplan. Nobody likes paying change and cancellation fees, but Aeroplan change fees are reasonably on par with most other North American programs.

Aeroplan Change Fees

Aeroplan Change Fees

Aeroplan status is very valuable when it comes to saving money on change fees, so if you are diamond, that’s fantastic. This is completely separate from Air Canada, where top-tier status is Super Elite.

There are two situations where change fees are waived. First of all, they are waived when there is a schedule change on your itinerary. Aeroplan may send you an email that looks like this.

Aeroplan Change Fees - Schedule Change

Aeroplan Change Fees – Schedule Change

This usually occurs with Air Canada flight changes. If you have any legs on partner carriers, such as Lufthansa or United, these emails are much more rare. Change fees are waived when your flight moves at least 60+ minutes and/or causes a misconnect. However, there’s no hard and fast rule on this, so it really depends on the agent you get.

The other instance where you wouldn’t be paying anything is if issues happened with your ticket, like segments falling off. This occurs with Star Alliance partners like Air China and Swiss. Again, nobody will notify you, so do monitor your tickets. You certainly don’t want to be shocked when you show up at the airport but have no flight.

Aeroplan is very good when it comes to these situations. You’ll be able to book any flights with award availability that are reasonably within the routing rules. As well, Aeroplan will likely be able to open Air Canada flights even if there isn’t I or X class space.

Finally, don’t forget that you have to pay taxes on top of the change fee. They vary depending on where you live, so keep that in mind.

To view this information on Aeroplan, see their FAQ on Change Fees.

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  1. I booked St John NB instead if St Johns Nfld. Please tell me I can change my booking without a fee

  2. I’m confused by your comment above:

    The fees for a refund is $150 per ticket for general members. This means you save more money cancelling your trip and booking a completely separate reservation, instead of changing both ends of your trip, which costs $200.

    For a full (two way cancellation) the cost is $ 300?? Am I missing something – or did you mean if you only have to change on end of the trip?

    Thanks much,

  3. Does Arroplan refund the YQ surcharge if I change my flight, for example from AMS-VIE-BKK with Austrian Airlines to AMS-BKK with EVA Air?

    This is because I see that EVA Air only releases award seats 1-2 weeks before departure for this route.


  4. You should also put the info on refunds less than 22 days before departure. Air Canada’s policy has to be one of the worst in the world. If you need to cancel your reward flight before 22 days, you lose your miles. Or…for a huge sum of money, they will give your miles back…but the cost is prohibitively expensive, it doesn’t make sense. It’s the same rate as buying the miles from

    So…if you’ve spent loads of time and money to earn, say 200,000 miles for a dream vacation, and for whatever reason, need to cancel…..too bad.

    Most insurance policies also wont specifically refund points for cancellation but will if you paid in $$$.

    Terrible terrible terrible policy.

  5. I recently booked flights for my grandchildren to visit but mistakenly used the wrong dates . I called back about 10 minutes later when i realized my mistake and i had to pay over $500.00 to cancel and rebook for the right dates . Unreal . It would be different if i had to change them after a couple days or weeks , but minutes , it is so unfair , a big money grab of hard earned points and money . SAD

  6. Can I cancel my plane ticket and how much fee I have to pay if I do?. What is due date to cancel ticket if possible ?

  7. Air Canada has changed one of our itinerary and that doesn’t work for us. Will there be a fee for canceling?

  8. I am ninty four years old. The past 2 years I have been injured and unable to attend to my aeroplan updates. I am now able to attend to it. .I have close to 5000 points I would like to regain them. I have tried 4 times to contact a person but without reply who does not reply after 2 hours that is difficult to wait that long. I have info of my address telephone and address may be needing a litttle up dating.

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