Limited Time – Earn 5,000 Points Free with Drop Rewards!

I’ve written about Drop Rewards before, which is a great way to earn additional Rewards on top of your credit card points. They do this by monitoring your transactions, and work with merchants to offer additional rewards for your purchases which I think is really innovative.

Drop Rewards – Earn 5,000 Points for Free!

On my app, I got a notification that they’re offering 5,000 bonus points referring a friend for the next 24 hours only. Due to a huge surge in signups, the app has been a little buggy, so I’ve reached out to my contact there for more information.

The referred friend earns 1,000 points after linking their first card. If you haven’t gotten then app, use promo code g463v to start referring your friends. While I’d rather have the referred friend earn more, they don’t have that going on, unfortunately. However, this app in my opinion is a fantastic way to maximize your rewards, so it’s a win-win for both parties.

Drop Rewards

Drop Rewards

While some people might be freaked out with passing your information to anyone, Drop uses the same system that any other third-party has when accessing your banking information. In my opinion, our purchases are already tracked, especially if you use any loyalty program. They have an enormous amount of data on your behavior already, so it’s not like there’s information I haven’t already given up.

Plus, Drop is free. For me, I don’t lose anything by using it. The app is now open to Americans as well, so anyone in continental North America is now able to sign up.


Drop Rewards Promo Code 5,000 Points

You earn anywhere between 5-50 points per dollar spent on companies like Starbucks, Walmart, and Uber. 1,000 points are worth $1. Thus, you are getting a minimum of 1% return with the app. This is on top of points you’d be earning with your linked card.

For example, if you linked the American Express Gold Rewards Card, which has first year fee promotion it’s pretty much as good as it gets – free credit card points, and free rewards points on top of that.

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If you’re making purchases online, you can further stack savings with a mileage or cashback portal.

Drop Rewards Redemptions

Drop Rewards Redemptions

I’ve had a lot of fun getting extra points on top of normal purchases I’ve made and have collected over 100,000 points just from spending. Along with Paytm, which lets you pay bills with credit cards for free, these the two hottest new apps that any miles and points collector should be downloading.

Signup for Drop Rewards using invite code g463v, and start earning 5,000 points for each friend referred.

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  1. Shame on you for pimping this scam of a company. They stopped paying out July 1st. Froze numerous accounts, unilaterally deleted points and refused to pay out.

    Bunch of sleazebag con artists.

    • That’s a pretty big accusation without much backup. Did a bit of basic research and haven’t found anything talking about that.

    • I’ve seen a handful of such reports on reddit … but given your username, I suspect you do manufactured spending, and Drop’s terms (section 6) indicate that accounts can be terminated for such spending.

    • i’ve been using drop for over a year and i have had no such issues. reference at LEAST one source if you’re going to be making such claims.

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