Aeroplan Transfer Bonus (July 2017)

Aeroplan runs transfer bonuses roughly two times a year. The last one was in March 2017, with the previous one being in November 2016. With these promotions, you can earn additional miles for converting points into your Aeroplan account. For the next month, there is a new Aeroplan transfer bonus available.

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus - July 2017

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus – July 2017

Until August 21, you can earn up to a 35% bonus from converting hotel points to Aeroplan. There are ten qualifying partners, which all hotel partners. Unfortunately, transfers from American Express Membership Rewards do not qualify for the bonus.

All members are eligible for this bonus, with no registration required, similar to the past. The terms and conditions state that the bonus miles will be credited within 4-6 weeks from the end of the promotion, although they might post earlier. Most transfers from hotel points are not instant, so keep that in mind if you need to book a ticket immediately.

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus - Qualifying Partners

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus- Qualifying Partners

With past promotions, you needed to convert at least 6 figures of miles to get the highest bonus. However, there is no minimum transfer amount to earn the bonus. This makes the promotion one of the best Aeroplan has run.

From my understanding, this bonus is much better than before, because they want more members to partake in this promotion, and transfer points into their Aeroplan accounts. To learn more about the Aeroplan and Air Canada split, see my take on whether I’ll still be collecting Aeroplan miles and my thoughts on the impending breakup.

Is the Aeroplan Transfer Bonus Worth It?

Canadians have three credit cards earning hotel points when it comes to this bonus:

For Americans, there are also a variety of credit cards available earning hotel points, including the US versions of the Chase Marriott Visa and Starwood American Express.

Hotel Rewards Credit Cards

Converting Starwood Preferred Guest

Normally, SPG transfers at a 1:1.25 ratio with increments of 20,000 points. With this additional 35% bonus, you’ll earn an additional 8,750 miles. This means 20,000 SPG points converts to 33,750 points, a ratio of 1:1.69, which is excellent. Transferring SPG points is more lucrative than before, because you can move anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 points while still getting the 35% bonus.

Converting Marriott Rewards

Marriott points are very valuable for Hotel and Air packages. If you have a large enough Marriott balance, this is one of the best redemptions you can get.

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus - Marriott Hotel and Air

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus – Marriott Hotel and Air

The best option out of all the different packages is the 270,000 point 7 night + 120,000 miles package.

With the 35% bonus, you’d receive 162,000 Aeroplan miles as well as a 7 night hotel stay. If booked separately, it would cost 150,000 Marriott points, so you’re getting a 1:1.35 ratio with Marriott, or a whopping 1:4.05 ratio with your SPG Miles.

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You can convert other hotel points into Aeroplan, but the most worthwhile opportunities are with SPG and Marriott. Most other points convert at a very poor ratio. While Aeroplan (and most programs) always have room for improvement, they already have a well-rounded program. For example, you only need 70,000 miles for a one-way First Class award from Europe 1 to North America, flying Lufthansa First Class.

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class

Although you don’t receive the bonus with transferring directly from AMEX Membership Rewards, you can transfer MR to SPG at a 2:1 ratio. This would make sense if you’re close to redeeming for a Hotel and Air package.

For example, if you had 200,000 Marriott points already, you could receive 50,000 + 35% Aeroplan miles and a 7 night hotel certificate. If you had a card like the American Express Business Platinum, you would earn 80,000 points after completing the minimum spend.

Instead of converting your points 1:1 to Aeroplan, you could transfer 47,000 AMEX points to 23,500 SPG points. This then converts to just over 70,000 Marriott points, boosting your balance to 270,000 points. You could then redeem for a 7 night + 120,000 mile package.

By converting your miles from AMEX to SPG and then to Marriott, your 47,000 AMEX would yield 94,000 Aeroplan instead of a 1:1 ratio you’d get by converting them directly.

View the Aeroplan Transfer Bonus details on their site here.

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  1. I wonder if this signifies a deepening cash flow crisis at Aeroplan, which has already suspended its dividend and seen the resignation of its CFO and several directors. As I understand it, loyalty programs can’t book profits when people earn miles (because these miles create a liability until they’re redeemed), but the awarding of miles helps cash flow in the short term since hotels and others have to pay for them. Aeroplan funds the bonus as a way to incentivize people to convert their hotel miles.

    Given the distinct possibility of an Aeroplan bankruptcy before 2020, I don’t think I’ll be converting any hard earned hotel points right now…

  2. If I apply today for the SPG card, get approved, and make the minimum spend ASAP, do you think I’d make the deadline to transfer the SPG points?

  3. “By converting your miles from AMEX to SPG and then to Marriott, your 47,000 AMEX would yield 94,000 Aeroplan instead of a 1:1 ratio you’d get by converting them directly.”

    So, if I have 200k AMEX points > convert to SPG > convert to Marriott > convert to AP = and this would give me close to 400,000 AP miles compared to the direct 1:1 AMEX > AP?

  4. This is confusing me. Lol! So i have 50,000 MR and 30,000 spg. I want to convert to Marriott for airmiles and 7 day hotel certificate. If I choose aeroplan for my miles becUse of a 25% or 35% conversion bonus, what exactly will I end up with and is it good value with all taken into consideration?

    Thank you,

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