What Should I Write About? And, Ask Me Questions!

I’ve got a few cool articles coming out soon, but they’re taking longer than I expected. So, in the meantime, I’d love to get a sense of what you want me to talk about in the future. As well, feel free to ask me any travel or miles/points questions.

Anything is welcome in the comments. There’s no guarantee that I will respond, but go ahead. 🙂

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  1. Whatever happened to the questions about Aeroplan that were to be answered?
    Did I miss it somehow?

  2. – Your further thoughts / expanded view and predictions on what will come of Aeroplan (ie. new airline affiliations?), and with AC’s new FF program.

    • Good question. To briefly summarize it here, my hope is that they really innovate and reposition themselves as an alternative point currency – something like American Express Membership Rewards. However, the worst case scenario is they turn into the next Air Miles. That’d be disappointing. In terms of AC’s new FF program, they’ll have a lot more room to make it more flexible, so their high-spend and top-tier members should come out on top. With regular consumers, it really depends on how hard they want to capture the market – if they pour more money into benefits and marketing, then the consumer will really benefit from more competition.
      Otherwise, I don’t think it’ll be anything groundbreaking.

  3. Does American Express only allow 1 business card, but an unlimited number of personal cards?


      • I was told by AMEX that one person can’t have more than a total of 2 credit cards be it personal and/or business and 9 charge cards. I have an AMEX Cash back card and an SPG personal but I had to cancel my SPG to get a new SPG business for that 25,000 points bonus. What is the rule exactly ?

  4. Booking soon yul-bom-akl-eze-yul business class (aeroplan 160 000) no lay over U.S. If you could have any tips for new zealand or better suggestion for the stopover…it would be appreciate! Thank you

    • I think that’s a pretty good mini-RTW frame. Do make sure that you won’t go over MPM as the stopovers already make it pretty tight. To avoid the US, you’d basically have to grab Turkish or Swiss to Mumbai, then BA to Toronto on AC or on Copa via Panama.

  5. Write about this new AMeX policy that states Gold cards can no longer be referred from the BIZ cards for a bonus. And how the regular Gold no longer gives any bonuses.

    If there’s a way to get around this, I’d be all ears because “NOT being able to refer the Gold for bonuses” is going to be the biggest blow yet for me.

  6. Do you have a valuation for Airmiles? In the same way as other bloggers put a value on various frequent flyer points. We know that it’s at least its cash value, but how much more especially in the context of air travel. Cheers

  7. Please write more about the best way to redeem aeroplan points as they are separating from Air Canada in 2020!

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