Great Deal – Buy United for 1.12 Cents!

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Choice Privileges is currently selling points with up to a 50% bonus. When stacked with several transfer bonuses, this is a way to purchase United for a very reasonable rate. While United MileagePlus isn’t as valuable as it was before, there are plenty of sweets spots available. Here’s how it works.

Choice Privileges 50% Purchase Bonus

Choice Privileges is selling points with up to a 50% Bonus if you buy 5,000 or more at a time. The 40% and 50% bonuses are targeted, so check here to see if you got them.

Buy Choice Points - Earn up to a 50% Bonus!

Buy Choice Points – Earn up to a 50% Bonus!

New accounts (or at least the account I just opened) should get a 30% Bonus. You can buy a maximum of 50,000 points per calendar year, excluding bonuses. With this promotion, each point costs:

  • 30% Bonus: 0.84 cents
  • 40% Bonus: 0.78 cents
  • 50% Bonus: 0.73 cents

These transactions are processed by, so use a card that maximizes everyday spend like the American Express Platinum and Business Platinum Cards.

Choice to United 150% Transfer Bonus

Normally, Choice points transfer at a 5:1 rate to airlines. However, you can transfer 5,000 Choice Privileges miles to 2,500 United miles with this promotion, a 150% bonus.

Transfer Choice to United

Transfer Choice to United

You must transfer in increments of 1,000 points, with a 5,000 minimum.

United 30% Hotel Transfer Bonus

In addition, United is offering a 30% bonus on miles transferred from hotel programs – this includes Choice. You can earn a maximum 25,000 bonus United Miles with the bonus.

United Hotel Transfer Bonus

United Hotel Transfer Bonus

Using United Miles

Both of these promotions run until November 30, 2017, and allow you to get United miles when you buy Choice Privileges points and then convert them at the following price:

  • 30% Bonus: 1.28 cents
  • 40% Bonus: 1.20 cents
  • 50% Bonus: 1.12 cents

If you 0 miles with both programs, you can still purchase 65,000 Choice points with the 30% bonus, and then transfer them to 42,250 United miles. One of my favourite redemptions is Thai Airways First Class.

Thai Airways First Class

Thai Airways First Class

This costs only 40,000 miles from Sydney to Hong Kong with United, and is one of the best values until their award chart changes November 1. With Aeroplan, this would cost 85,000 miles! If I bought 64,000 Choice points and converted them to 40,000 United miles, it would only cost me $539, which is a pretty phenomenal price.

Thai Airways First Class with United Miles

Thai Airways First Class with United Miles

United also doesn’t levy fuel surcharges, so you’d save with redemptions on Air Canada, Lufthansa, or Austrian to Europe that would normally top $500 one-way in taxes and fees. This is also a great opportunity to top-up your Choice Privileges or United MileagePlus balances since you can buy and transfer miles in increments of 1,000. If you need more United miles, you can also top up with Marriott points through Hotel and Air packages or RewardsPlus.

Purchase Choice Points Today with Up to a 50% Bonus!

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  1. Correction: Choice promo runs until Nov.12; and calculations are for 1.30 cpm to United transfer. ($550/42250 UA miles)

  2. Thanks for the information! But it’s weird I registered an account, went to the page for purchasing the points, but the transaction cannot go through, tried 3 times and bank sent the message saying transaction approved, but the web page kept going back to the purchase page and saying credit card information is wrong, 🙁 I’m thinking if there’s a limitation where newly created accounts are not able to purchase points right away (like Hilton which has this limitation)…

  3. Do you have any data points on when the transfers to United would be complete? I have a feeling the full set of miles (including the bonuses) won’t hit until AFTER the devaluation which would mean you can’t book that Australia flight anymore.

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