Scotiabank Gold American Express Best Offer Ever!

The BMO World Elite MasterCard currently has an increased offer of up to 60,000 BMO Rewards and a first year annual fee waiver. It is one of the few products in Canada to provide travel insurance on award tickets. Offer ends December 6, 2022. Apply today!


The Scotiabank Gold American Express is one of the best credit cards out there. It earns up to 4 points per dollar on eligible dining, entertainment, gas, and groceries. Furthermore, there is an even higher signup bonus available! By applying for this card, you can now earn up to 35,000 Scotia Rewards. This is the highest bonus that I have ever seen available, and I strongly recommend grabbing this card if you don’t already have one.

Scotiabank Gold American Express Card

Scotiabank Gold American Express Card

Scotiabank Gold American Express Improved Offer

To earn the 35,000 points, you have to spend $750 within the first three months of card membership. The public offer is only 25,000 points, so you must also apply through this friend and family link to earn the higher bonus. This offer ends December 31, 2017. You also receive the first year free on this card. Since 10,000 points are worth $100 towards travel, the bonus is worth $350. What’s great is that these points can be applied to any travel purchase, including taxes and fees on award redemptions such as Aeroplan.

I applied for this card earlier last month with the previous offer of 30,000 Scotia Rewards, and finally received the card in the mail a few days ago. I’m not sure if Scotiabank matches increased bonuses, so I’ll give them a call later in the week. The Scotiabank Gold American Express is a card I recommend for everyone, especially those just starting out with earning miles and points. The minimum spend requirement is very low compared to other cards, and the points are straightforward to use.

Other Benefits

Scotiabank Price Protection

Scotiabank Price Protection

As well, one neat benefit is price protection. This card is one of the few in Canada that offers this benefit. The insurance compensates you if an item you buy drops in price after purchase. I need to buy some new winter coats, so it will come in handy. As well, this benefit is also available with the MBNA Rewards World Elite MasterCard. I actually don’t think that there has ever been a personal credit card with first year free that offered 35,000 points, so it’s great Scotiabank is innovating here.

Along with the American Express Cobalt Card, this card can be great for manufactured spend. There is a limit of $50,000 on the bonus multiplier per calendar year, which means that you can earn up to 400,000 points in your first cardmember year. With manufactured spend, there’s a method to can earn up to a 4% return on all of your purchases. Given this has a much stronger signup bonus, I would recommend getting this card over the Cobalt for the signup bonus, although the Cobalt is marginally better for bonus categories. See my comparison of the cards here.

Apply for the Scotiabank Gold American Express and Earn Up to 35,000 Scotia Rewards points today!

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  1. I was declined for this card based on unused HELOC. I have a ~800 credit score and a six figure income, never had any issues with any other credit cards. But unlike other credit cards, Scotia calculates an unused HELOC in their debt service ratio, which obviously screws up the math with a resulting decline.

  2. Does this card count toward the two American Express credit card limit, or is it treated differently because Scotiabank is involved?

    Love the blog!

  3. I think you failed to mention the link posted is a referral and you recieve 5,000 points for each referral. Kinda feels a little shady on your end. Too bad because I normally quite enjoy your blog.

    • Hah, I don’t receive any points – it’s a friends link that I put up. This isn’t a public offer, so I can’t even link directly to Scotiabank. As well, I clearly have a disclaimer concerning this at the end of each post. Sorry you feel this way.

  4. Why people is so sensitive when Jeff doesnt clarify that he will earn something through a referral link? Clearly he works hard in this blog and the time he invests here should be rewarded. Or would you tell me that you don’t enjoy the deals or all information that he gives us? I have took advantage of several deals thanks to him and I’m more than happy to use his referrals and make him earn money or points. People, its a win-win for everyone!

    I will use his referral link for getting this Scotia too. Thanks Jeff, and please, keep working on this great blog.

    Becca A.

  5. Question:

    Can you transfer Scotia points to other frequent flyer programs like you can with regular amex membership reward points?

  6. Any experience on how long it takes the points to post to your Scotia Rewards account after hitting the minimum spend?

  7. Thanks for the link. I have taken advantage of it 2x.

    I tried to search on ways to do it without a targeted referral, however unsuccessful. Without use of the link posted I would have signed up for an inferior offer and therefore am grateful.


  8. I wonder if this offer got extended? I can still see the promo page. Although the fine print says offer expires on dec 31st…

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