PayTM Still Works with Credit Cards

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I’ve written about PayTM, a mobile app to bill pay hundreds of merchants. They first launched earlier this summer, and have been one of the best ways to earn additional miles. This is especially true because you can pay bills that normally don’t accept credit cards. PayTM is a huge payment services company in India, backed by Alibaba and other similar firms.
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Recently, many billers were removed from the app, one of the biggest categories being tuition. Furthermore, several merchants now refuse to refund you for free for overpayments. As a result, I recommend against overpaying bills with PayTM unless you know exactly the policies of the merchant.

Unfortunately, this outcome was expected. This behaviour wasn’t an intended use of the app and thus would never continue long-term. I know some folks who earned tens of thousands of miles through this opportunity, and they really reaped a lot of value from PayTM. Unfortunately, you missed out if you hesitated or didn’t pay attention.

Does PayTM Still Work With a Credit Card?

PayTM still has many merchants you can pay with a credit card. However, one of the best billers still available with a credit card are property taxes. I just used a credit card to pay through PayTM last week. The entire process is still straightforward. If you haven’t already, sign up for a free account, then add your credit card info and select your biller.

PayTM Billers

PayTM Billers

Use promo code PTM9462620 to get a $10 bonus after paying more than $25 on your first bill. The checkout process is very then straightforward. The payment should process within 3-10 business days, so add extra days to avoid deadlines, late fees, etc.

The charges that post on your credit card do not fall into any bonus spending category, so I recommend using a credit card that maximizes everyday spend such as the American Express Platinum Card, American Express Business Platinum, or the Starwood American Express.

PayTM Checkout Page

PayTM Checkout Page

In addition to earning points, this method is a great way to complete minimum spend. You can pay up to $1,500 from each account per day, which should cover most your bills. Another great thing is that you can use American Express, which is more rare when it comes to these opportunities.

Even if you are using PayTM as intended, you can still earn lots of points with bills that you can’t pay normally with credit cards. The waived transaction fees have been going on for a while, which is good, but there’s no guarantee of how long they will last.

Use promo code PTM9462620 to get a $10 bonus after paying more than $25 on your first bill.

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  1. This has gotten even worse. As per the email from PayTM CEO to account holders on January 5, they have discontinued allowing VISA cardholders due to VISA tagging transactions as Cash advances and Amex usage will incur a fee. Only fee free credit cards currently are MC but I am not sure about how much longer this will be the case.

    The email explicitly mentions MS playing a part in killing this wonderful opportunity. One more victim of some greedy souls in the game.

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