Earn 10x Points on Dining and Groceries This Month!

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The American Express Cobalt Card is THE credit card to get right now. The card has incredible benefits, and American Express has gone all-out to market this card. This month, they have an absolutely incredible offer.

American Express Cobalt Card

American Express Cobalt Card

American Express Cobalt Card: 10x Points On Bonus Categories

Until December 31, 2017, you can earn 10x points on Grocery and Dining purchases. That’s right, 10 points per dollar. It’s the best bonus spending offer I’ve ever seen, period. The American Express Cobalt Card is the only product eligible for this offer, and applies to both new and existing cardholders.

The maximum limit on the bonus is $2,000, which means you earn up to 20,000 AMEX points. This excludes signup bonuses, so in reality you earn even more points. The normal bonus category is 5x on Grocery and Dining, so this promotion doubles it. There is currently no limit on the 5x bonus you can earn after you spend more than $2,000.

If you don’t already have the card, I suggest applying ASAP because it can take 5-10 business days once approved to receive the card in the mail. The earlier you apply, the more time you have to earn that 10x bonus. For example, if you get the card today and spend $3,000 on groceries and dining this month, you earn a total of 40,000 points:

  • $2,000 @ 10x Points per dollar = 20,000 Points
  • $1,000 @ 5x Points per dollar = 5,000 Points
  • Monthly Bonus after $500 spend = 5,000 Points
  • Signup Bonus after $3,000 spend = 10,000 Points

While this bonus might pale compared to the 75,000 points offer with the American Express Business Platinum Card, it’s not a comparison. You can get both those cards at once, so I see this spending promotion as icing on top of any signup offers that you are getting. The current signup offer for the Cobalt Card is 40,000 points. You earn 5,000 points after spending $500 for the first six months, and an additional 10,000 points after $3,000 in your first three months. For more details, check out my review of the card.

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Keep in mind any purchases at qualifying grocery stores earn 10x points, including gift and prepaid cards. Even if you don’t have $2,000 of Dining and Grocery spend planned, it’s very easy to maximize this promotion. I already have the card, and plan on getting family members to apply for this card as well. It’ll be great for Christmas shopping.

Overall, this is a very generous promotion that won’t return anytime soon. Happy Holidays and Happy Spending!

Application Link: American Express Cobalt Card

Promotion Fine Print
1. For the period of December 1-31, 2017 only, you can earn a total of 10 Membership Rewards points for every $1 in eligible eats, drinks and grocery purchases up to a maximum of $2,000 in eligible purchases. $2,000 in eligible purchases equates to a total of 20,000 Membership points. You will earn at the regular rate of 5 points for every $1 in eligible eats, drinks and groceries on purchases over $2,000. All deductions for returns made on eligible purchases will be calculated at the earn rate in effect at the time of the return. This means that the points deducted from your points balance may be different from the amount originally earned. Supplementary Card purchases count towards the $2,000 spend threshold. Supplementary Card purchases earn at the same rate as the Basic Cardmember. Provided your account is in good standing, points can be earned on eligible purchases less returns and other credits.
2. You can earn Membership Rewards points for eligible consumer purchases at American Express retails merchants as follows: 5 points for every $1 at or for (i) restaurant, quick service restaurant, coffee shop and drinking establishments in Canada, (ii) stand-alone grocery stores in Canada, (iii) delivery of food and groceries in Canada as a primary business; and 2 points for every $1 at or for (i) stand-alone automobile gasoline stations in Canada, (ii) travel services or travel bookings including air, water, rail and road transport, lodging and tour operator sales, (iii) local commuter transportation in Canada including subway, streetcar, taxi, limousine and ride sharing services. Purchases at merchants where these categories are not their primary business such as general merchandise retailers do not qualify. Merchants are typically assigned codes and categorized based on what they sell. Earn rate of 1 point for every $1 applies when the merchant code is not in an eligible category, using a payment account or service of a third party, a card reader attached to a mobile phone or online retailer that sells goods of other merchants or the merchant category is otherwise not identified. Provided your account is in good standing, points can be earned on eligible purchases less returns and other credits. Interest, fees and charges for travelers cheques and foreign currencies are not purchases and do not earn points. Points can be redeemed in the Membership Rewards Select Tier and are not eligible for transfer to programs that offer airline and frequent flyer redemptions.

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  1. Unfortunately amex allows only two credit cards……I did apply and was god I have to close one of my other cards…..has nothing to do with my credit (excellent credit)

  2. Do hotel purchases qualify for 2x ,

    ” travel services or travel bookings including air, water, rail and road transport, lodging and tour operator sales”

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