Free Equifax Credit Report with Borrowell!

Do you know your credit score? To apply for credit cards or other financial products, a good credit profile is vital. Normally, getting your credit score requires a fee, but Borrowell offers a credit report available online for free. Get your free credit score at Borrowell today.


Having a good credit score is important, especially for me. You need to understand your credit history to be able to earn miles from financial products. I have always recommended checking your credit, especially if you are opening a lot of new credit cards. There are several free ways to get your credit score, but today, you can now get a free Equifax credit score and report from Borrowell!

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Free Equifax Credit Report from Borrowell!

Free Equifax Credit Report from Borrowell!

Borrowell – Free Equifax Credit Report

There are two credit bureaus in Canada, Equifax and TransUnion. Borrowell, in addition to offering you a free credit score, is now offering you a free credit report from Equifax here. It includes all the standard items including your open accounts, recent inquiries, and negative items. Your report, along with your credit score, will update once a month.

I’m thrilled, as it’s the first time that all Canadians can now access their Equifax credit report online for free. Going directly to Equifax would normally cost you $20 a month. Credit Karma has already been offering a free TransUnion report for over a year; however, you couldn’t get a free Equifax report online.

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It is amazing how far credit reporting has come. 18 months ago, there were no decent options to view your credit score, whereas now, you can easily get your report online for free. I have had access to my Equifax reports due to data breaches at Home Depot and BC Credit Unions, and I’m glad that I will continue to have access without another breach.

CIBC, TD, MBNA, and BMO pull Equifax, among others, so I like to see the new inquiry on the report when I apply for a credit card. Even if you aren’t applying for anything, getting one of these services is a good idea to avoid having your identity stolen. This takes just minutes.

Get your Equifax Credit Report for free from Borrowell!

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  1. Free comes at a cost. If you read their privacy policy they say your personal info will likely be sent to the US. No doubt most of my personal info has probably already been shipped down there anyway but still, I think this is the type of sober second thought that is required of consumers these days.

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