Aimia’s Latest Financial Results

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I’m written quite a bit about Aeroplan and what we’re going to see post 2020. Aimia has been trying to find it’s footing ever since the announcement came out last May. Just last week, they posted a wider than expected loss and announced more cutting. They’ve already trimmed the portfolio including selling the Air Miles trademark and their coalition program Nectar in the UK.

This particular sentence from the media is interesting:

The company plans to unveil changes to Aeroplan in the coming months that will focus the card beyond 2020 more on leisure travel of its premium members. It will offer broader choice with multi-airline awards, tailored experiences beyond flights and a simpler customer experience.

Aeroplan has already made several improvements in terms of customer experience – correcting missing award availability, reducing call center hold times, adding online website features, and more. I hope this statement is more than just marketing copy.

One thing I only realized recently is that Aeroplan has been sponsoring various culinary events in Canada. Earlier this year, Aeroplan was involved in Dine Out Vancouver, Winterlicious in Toronto, and MTLaTable in Montreal. In Vancouver and Toronto, they offered benefits for Aeroplan members such as advanced reservations and an additional amenity for showing your Aeroplan card.

a man and woman eating pizza

I had a chat with a few Aeroplan folks who told me that dining was an area that intersected with a lot of member’s interests. What I’m personally surprised by is that Aeroplan doesn’t have a dining network I’m aware of. Rewards Network runs the portals for United, American, Delta, and Alaska Airlines, so it shouldn’t be too hard to set up.

I’d like to see additional ways to earn miles next time – perhaps a bonus each time an Aeroplan member participated in the Dine Out event. Aeroplan really has been trying to improve their brand. I hope they know what they’re doing and that it fits in with the experience they’re trying to create. Aeroplan is one of my favourite programs, as it’s one of the most comprehensive and easiest programs for Canadians to earn miles in, and I hope they continue to do well in the future.

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  1. The split from Air Canada may be the best thing for them, as it stimulates efforts to improve on their product and compete for customers dollars. It probably got them off their collective buts to get better.
    Still waiting to see how things pan out, however, before I transfer Amex MR to them to try and book flights.

    • I agree with you. Just to note, they didn’t split from Air Canada, Air Canada was a pillar partner who did not renew their contract beyond 2020 to start their own rewards program.

  2. I was previously sponsored as an Aeroplan member (since 1999) to attend a Dine Out event in Vancouver in exchange for signing a photo release. I have no idea how I was selected, but it was likely because I have redeemed over 1,500,000 points over the course of the program.

    The challenge with Aeroplan is that their customer service is absymal. I recently spent 9 weeks, 3 calls and 2 hours on the phone with Aeroplan tyrying to get points from the Aeroplan EStore to credit from a laptop. I finally got it credited, but I was raising my voice at the operators to put their supervisors on the phone. This is not something that encourages loyalty. Conversely, when I have an issue with Alaska Mileage Plan, Starwood Preferred Guest or Hyatt, it is always resolved after the first call within 72 hours. Its why I keep coming back to these companies.

  3. Just completed a call to Aeroplan from South Africa with a very reasonable 5 minute delay only!

    Took an additional 20 minutes to complete the changes to an Eva flight.

    Total cost was about 44 Rand (or $4.50 Cdn) in airtime so not complaining.

  4. Their customer service has gotten dramatically better since the split with AC was announced. I can only wonder if this has resulted in increased costs, however.

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