Exclusive SPG American Express Offer for Chase Canada Marriott Cardholders

Update – This Offer is no longer available. View the current offer here – Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card

Chase announced that they would close their Amazon and Marriott credit cards permanently March 15, 2018. The terms announced are very generous, in my opinion. All cardholders will receive a pro-rata refund of their annual fee. Additionally, you still receive the annual free night certificate and elite stay credit.

Personally, I’m very jealous of those who have had their annual billing cycle come up since January. It looks like they’re going to get a free night and stay credits on their card anniversary date and another set on March 15th. On top of that, American Express is running an exclusive offer for those who have the Marriott credit card.

Exclusive SPG American Express Offer – 25,000 Points

Through this landing page, you can earn up to 25,000 Starpoints by opening the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card. The special offer runs until April 18, 2018, and is only for Marriott credit card customers who are new Starwood Preferred Credit Cardholders. This matches the highest offer ever available back in July of last year.

a screenshot of a credit card

You earn 25,000 Starpoints (75,000 Marriott) by spending $1,500 within the first three months of card membership. Starpoints are extremely valuable, and the extra 5,000 points is already enough to cover one free night at lower category properties. For more details about the card, including rewards, benefits and other features, see my review.

This is by far the best hotel credit card in Canada. I use this card, along with the American Express Platinum and Business Platinum Cards for all my everyday purchases. This AMEX earns 1 Starpoint per dollar spent – translating to 3 Marriott points per dollar, triple that of the Marriott Credit Card. You also earn 2 points per dollar at SPG and Marriott properties until July 31, 2018.

Link your Marriott Rewards and SPG accounts to take advantage of transferring your points between the two programs. This means you can redeem your points at participating SPG and Marriott Rewards properties.

Apply here for the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card and receive up to 25,000 bonus points – conditions apply.


  1. Do they check that you are actually a Marriott cardholder?

    Can you get this bonus even if you’ve held the SPG card before?

  2. So now there is no free night unless your annual billing cycle is Jan/Feb? Is that what you are saying/ jealous about?

    What happened to all card holders getting one?

  3. “It looks like they’re going to get a free night and stay credits on their card anniversary date and another set on March 15th” ??

        • Received the free night certificate but not the 15 night credit.
          The promo of 25k SPG points was not honored because I had to use the email link…all other links including the one on top of this page and even on Marriott rewards Canadian site only got me 20k SPG bonus for applying for the SPG amex even if I was a Marriott rewards visa holder.Amex and Marriott are not taking responsibility for the poor promo role out..How just a promo code could have been used to give us what we deserve instead of all these issues..Multiple calls to amex,Marriott and even SPG is a waste of time.

          • Sorry to hear of your disappointment. What e-mail link do you mean? The one where you apply for the card? I am still working on spending the $1500 and am expecting to get 25,000 SPG points.

          • @Canadian Kilometers…Thanks!!

            It’s more complicated than that thow…even you had an invalid link on your page.

            I used the link that was on Marriott rewards Canadian site which is the same link that’s here on the site on top…the promo page is the exact same thing..but I received the email in my junk folder but I assumed as it was both from Marriott rewards that all promo links were the same..and they are the same except amex sees only the one that is sent to your email address for the full promo..This should not be an issue and if so they should have put a promo code which would have been the only way to qualify for the full promo offer.The exact same page for the 25k promo is where I went..which is what is here on your site that was valid until april 18th.
            Marriott rewards Canadian site removed the page april 16th because I red flagged it when amex notified me that with my spg amex reference # that I only qualified for the regular 20k spg points..i did that april 7th while talking to amex customer service on another question I had..if not I would’ve only known when I got my bonus points 2 days ago…and only had the 20k bonus..i’m fighting for the extra 5k spg points now.

            This isn’t just about a link that went to a 20k spg promo bonus…this is about 100% of all links to the 25k spg promo offer for Marriott rewards Canadian visa holders that lost it were mislead to promo pages that were not validated by amex canada.
            Everywhere on the net that has that page including here if used did not qualify for the full promo..so points blogs,simple google search,marriott rewards Canadian site and even the facebook amex customer service sent me to that link while it wasn’t valid because it didn’t go thru my email address first.
            This was brought to amex and marriott customer service as a major problem to all of us Canadians who qualify and were misdirected to links that were not valid even if they were 100% the same.
            As I told amex and Marriott you will have 10’s and even 100’s of Canadians that qualified and received this amex spg card complain about only being comped a part of the promo bonus and none of them cared to remove it even thow it was brought to them april 7th by myself..only Marriott did something on the 16th of april while the promo was good until the 18th by removing the link on their Canadian site but the damage was done.

          • If you actually applied through a page that indicated a 25k bonus (that was not expired), they should honour that. I would pursue a complaint up to the FCAC ombudsman to get that resolved.

          • @edna..

            It’s easy now that we know..if you went thru your email that Marriott rewards sent you for this promo you will have the 25k SPG bonus points..
            Any other link including the apply now button on top of this page(when it was valid until april 18th)would bring you to the application 25k spg points page but were not valid for the full promo offer.
            The ONLY way to know this is by calling amex and asking what bonus offer you will receive and this is done by amex looking at your SPG amex application reference #..Hope this helps and good luck!

          • Thanks . I cannot remember which way I applied. Will call as you suggest. This was poor communication on their part.

          • @Canadian kilometers..

            “If you actually applied through a page that indicated a 25k bonus (that was not expired), they should honour that. I would pursue a complaint up to the FCAC ombudsman to get that resolved.”

            This is my next step and I applied april 2nd so not expired but I have a transcript from a supervisor at amex which says they will add my 5k missing spg points in a goodwill gesture but it will take time?! As this promo was giving up to 10 weeks I can’t do anything now…next bill cycle i’ll be in the timeframe.I have had the brochure for the ombudsman..This took a full day of my life..6-7 calls to amex and marriott and numerous emails,live chat sessions and private amex customer support emails.Marriott has given me 4k MR points as a goodwill gesture also..the issue is i’m still short the equivalent of 11k MR points to get to my 5k SPG points and at the same time I want to be careful because as of now they need to appear prior to july31st to be comped at the 3:1 ratio.

            Now if nothing changes to our amex SPG card that means that any points that our SPG gives and is not added to our SPG account prior to august 1st will only have a 1:1 ratio because SPG will not exist as a points program….which means most of my purchases on my amex SPG card will be made prior to june 25th so they appear on my SPG account in july..after june 27th or so the billing cycle will end at the end of july and will only appear probably after august 1st?!
            Let’s hope our SPG amex gives us the same amount of MR points per dollar which would be 3 but even the USA cards only give 2 so it’s a big devaluation IMO.

          • How long does it take to receive the points after you reach the spending requirement. ? I will reach it for the May 17 billing cycle. Wondering if points will appear before the August 1st changeover.?

            I just noticed an error on the Marriott site where it states it will give a bonus of 15,000 Aeroplan miles if you transfer 60,000. At 3-1, which is the rate stated, that would be a total of 35,000 miles. Yet, it says the total will be 25,000!! Not by my math!

          • @Canadian kilometers says
            Unfortunately sometimes this happens and you’ll have to work hard to get what you’re entitled to. Hope it works out!

            Thank you!!
            After the 3rd call and numerous emails and chats it was not about the 5k SPG points but the invalid links and all the new amex credit card owners that wouldn’t get what was promised.MR rolled out a terrible promo offer that had live links everywhere on the internet that were not honored by amex and I told them so..A simple promo code to each Canadian that lost their Marriott rewards premier visa for a 1 time 25k promo bonus would have done the trick…they decided to put live links which were invalid instead and now the customers will be the victims.

          • @edna

            “How long does it take to receive the points after you reach the spending requirement. ? I will reach it for the May 17 billing cycle. Wondering if points will appear before the August 1st changeover.? ”

            I had the promo bonus points given at the same time as the monthly deposit for the month.If your cycle ends May 17th probably a week or so after they should all be deposited.Now it says they may take up to 8-10 weeks to deposit the bonus after the 1500$ spend but for me at least it was done at the same time as the monthly points….Hope it helps?!

  4. Marriott came thru and comped my account for almost the difference between the difference of the regular promo of 20k SPG points and the 25k SPG points so i’m satisfied..
    Also I had received the free cat 5 night certificate last week and just received the 15 elite night status match..So Marriott rewards visa kept their word.

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