HURRY – Last Chance to get the Starwood American Express Credit Card!

The BMO World Elite MasterCard currently has an increased offer of up to 60,000 BMO Rewards and a first year annual fee waiver. It is one of the few products in Canada to provide travel insurance on award tickets. Offer ends December 6, 2022. Apply today!


Update – This Offer is no longer available. View the current offer here – Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card

Marriott and Starwood announced huge changes to their programs yesterday. Nearly all elements of the programs have been modified, including redemptions, elite status, and more. You can see all of these details on their dedicated site. I’m not the biggest fan of the changes, although it could have gone much worse. These changes have already affected the SPG American Express credit cards in Canada.

SPG American Express

SPG American Express

The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card is currently one of the best options to use for everyday spend, earning 1 Starpoint per dollar spent and 2 Starpoints for purchases at Marriott and Starwood properties. Starpoints are tremendously flexible and provide a great value during redemptions. Along with the American Express Platinum Card, I use this card for all non-bonused purchases.

Unfortunately, the welcome bonus for the card has dropped significantly, most likely due to yesterdays announcements. Instead of the previous 20,000 Starpoints (60,000 Marriott) offer after completing the minimum spend, you can now only earn a meagre $250 statement credit when signing up for the card. This requires minimum spend but also a transaction at an Starwood or Marriott property. It’s a terrible offer and I would not suggest getting this card with the current offer.

New SPG Credit Card Offer

New SPG Credit Card Offer

Last Chance: Starwood American Express – 25,000 Points

However, there’s one offer left out there that lets you earn Starpoints as a welcome bonus. It’s intended for those who had the Chase Canada Marriott credit card, but is still publicly accessible. Through this offer, you earn 25,000 Starpoints (75,000 Marriott) by spending $1,500 within the first three months of card membership.

Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card - Exclusive Offer

Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card – Exclusive Offer

If you don’t already have the card, you should apply now. It’s a no-brainer, since the SPG program effectively ends August 1. The new public $250 statement credit offer is not great, and American Express will not be changing the bonus between now and August. This will be your very last chance to pick up a Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card.

Apply here for the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card and receive up to 25,000 bonus points – conditions apply. Offer ends April 18, 2018.

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  1. Have you been privy to the new rewards being offered with this card? It appears that some of the benefits of at least the American version will drop significantly. Have they announced the changes to the Canadian version? I understand that in the US Marriott and AMEX are planning to introduce a new Marriott Rewards card that might be much better. Have you heard anything about this for Canada or are we ‘screwed’ once again.


  2. Not only that – referrals used to get you a 5,000 SPG bonus, as of today, it’s a $25 statement credit!!!!

    OMG, talk about good timing: I just referred my hubby to SPG Amex one week before the announcement. So, considering he was approved on April 9th, I should still get my 5K referral bonus, and he should still get the 20K signup bonus, correct?

    I would be quite annoyed if I am going to have to make phone calls and wait 12 weeks for this to post….or if they rescind the 20K bonus/5K referral offer altogether!!!

  3. I just referred my wife three days ago and was instantly approved thankfully. Did not receive any indication that my referral was validated but will assume that they will be honest about this.

    Sorry Jeff – I missed your link to the ex Marriott Rewards 25000 points offer so took the 5000 referral and 20000 offer. Would have used your link had I seen it a few days ago.

  4. Is there a similar link for biz version? I have SPG personal, was going to apply for biz version too…

  5. I’ve complained several times since I was forced to take the SPG AMEX card because the Chase card was cancelled. I have tried to use it at several businesses only to be told they don’t take Amex. Also now there are currency conversion fees. I don’t understand why we should have less opportunity to earn points. Serious downgrade. Can’t they do better? Canadian members need to complain loud and clear.

  6. I called AMEX last night and after being on hold, I believe they said that it is 20,000 points for non Marriott card holders and 25,000 points for Marriott card holders because the card was targeted to them. They offered to take my app over the phone but I wanted to use the link from this site. I applied and got approval this morning. I hope there’s not a mix up and it’s not the $250 statement credit one because I have no interest in that and agree it’s a terrible offer! I get the package in 10 days.

    • From what I can tell, you will get the $250 statement credit. The button under Apply Now has a link for non-marriott card holders which directs to the standard SPG card with statement credit.

  7. Unlikely

    “New SPG Amex Cardmembers who are not also Marriott Co-Brand Customers do not qualify for the Offer Welcome Bonus; however, they may qualify for other offers available at the time of application, if any.”

  8. When did these changes take place for the SPG amex cards? I just applied April 16 and I think it still said 20,000 sign up bonus, but now I’m second guessing myself.

  9. Jeff, thanks for this post! I applied April 17 using your link, so looks like I should get the 25,000 SPG points. I usually don’t pay annual fees, but SPG points are so good that I decided to bite the bullet and do it. I’m glad I did, it will be worth it for 25K SPG points, and it sure isn’t easy to get those or any good hotel points in Canada.

  10. Arrrrrrgggg. I’ve been putting this off for a month, just went to refer my wife and saw the bonuses are gone. So disappointed. There are no good credits left in Canada

  11. The credit card for the bonus 25k SPG points is good because of the bonus but hurry to get the 1500$ spend because on august 1st all points in the SPG account will now be points or Marriott points …what i’m saying the Canadian SPG amex that was specific to Marriott rewards visa holders will only give 1SPG point/1$ spend so even thow the spg points are now worth 3 Marriott points after august they will only be valued at 1spg points/1marriot point…now it may change but my packet clearly states 1 SPG point/$ spend…
    I applied for this card 1 month ago..put 4k on the 4kspg points plus 25k bonus gives me equivalent to 97k Marriott points…August 1st and after this SPG Canadian amex will devalue by 66% because the 3MR/1SPG point will be 1MR/1SPG and all spg points will not exist anmore.

  12. Jeff, heads up that I applied and received this card right at the end of the offer and today they posted 20,000 SPG points. So the great news is a got a solid sign up bonus, but the less great news is that, for me anyway, it was 20,000 points, not 25,000.

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