A Debit Card with no foreign exchange and ATM withdrawal fees?!

The Stack Mastercard is now available, with no ATM Withdrawal Fees and no Foreign Transaction Fees! Apply here and earn $20 once you sign up. 

Earlier, this week. I ran into the Stack MasterCard, a prepaid card offered by a Toronto-based company. I’m not excited by prepaid cards – I’m civilized and have credit – unless you can earn miles and points through them. However, what caught my eye was their no fees policy.

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I’ve written before about avoiding Foreign ATM Fees, but current options available are less than ideal. There are options to withdraw USD with no fees (Charles Schwab/TD Bank), or CAD without fees at select banks (Tangerine).

But as far as I know, the Stack MasterCard might be the option might be the only product to withdraw CAD at foreign ATMs with no fees and no foreign transaction fees. As well, many people think MasterCard has better rates than Visa or other card types.

Stack MasterCard – No ATM Withdrawal Fees, No Foreign Transaction Fees!

They confirm on their website that they don’t have ATM withdrawal fees. This is already more than can be said for essentially all banks in Canada. However, the kicker is that they don’t have foreign transaction fees! This was confirmed twice, once from Member Care via email, and once through social media.

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This information doesn’t display on the website, but customer care told me:

Right now no. We’re relaunching our site June 1 and will be calling out the specific “fee-free†benefits, including no foreign exchange, more clearly.

If this card launches with this feature, it might be the best product to come around this year. I’m not kidding. Who knew a prepaid card not for generating credit points could be so exciting?! Right now, it doesn’t look like they’re in a public launch – so you can join the waitlist for the card, which also enters you to win $5,000. Not bad, right?

Stack MasterCard Waitlist Contest

Stack MasterCard Waitlist Contest

However, the best prepaid card out there is still the CIBC AC Conversion card, which is still a good product to get. I earned close to a million points just from that, which was lovely. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend signing up for the Stack MasterCard. It’s free, and you don’t have to provide any personal information until the card launches.

Join the Stack MasterCard waitlist. Click here for Official Contest terms.

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  1. How come you think AC conversion card is still good product, if they eliminated loading with credit card? Anyway to continue cc load?

  2. What the point of this card… Today in Canada u have home trust visa u get 1% on everything u spend no FX

    U also gonna get brim financial soon with 1% no FX

    U can get a USA bank account today for Canadians to use visa debit …. We have lots of option

    Does slack mastercard give 1% on spending?

  3. How can you earn close to one million points with the CIBC AC Conversion card ? I got the card in october last year and was always limited to a $100 CAD transaction for Canadian currency per day. As IceH asked, is in CAD still possible ? From my calculation this means that 3000 points was the most we could accumulate in canadian transactions per month. Once I got $300 US but I had to pay a $5 charge to get it from an ATM.

    • Nothing but trouble with that AC Conversion card. Had to write on their FB site just to get my money back. Took 4 months.

  4. I don’t think they’ll offer free use at ATM abroad.
    Their site states: The fine print: We don’t do fees, but others might. Your STACK account is fee-free, but if a transaction involves another partner who charges a fee we can’t avoid, we will facilitate this fee through your STACK account.

    Means they can charge for any transaction which they get charged for. Doesn’t withdrawal abroad belong to that category?

    • Stack doesn’t fit into the category of a card that reimburses for foreign ATM operator charges. Don’t know of any Canadian card that does.

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