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(Canada) 50,000 Points Signup Bonus for the Best Western MasterCard!

Back in June there was a very good offer of 60,000 points for the Best Western MasterCard. That offer has now expired, but there is another 50,000 point offer floating around. The offer gives 20,000 points on first purchase, and $1,000 spend before November 30th for the other 30,000 points. Their hotels range between 8,000…

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(Canada) 60,000 Points Offer for the BW Mastercard!!!

I am on Facebook and Twitter – don’t miss any more posts like these! June is definitely the month of credit card promotions and it’s been great so far! I’m really excited, because this is the highest offer historically that I have seen – last year they had a 50,000 points offer, but this is higher! You can access the application…

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