I’ve been fascinated with free travel since I encountered boardingarea and flyertalk. To be honest, it’s hard for anyone to decline free travel by effectively planning holidays, signing up for credit cards, using shopping portals, partners, and promotions.

I flew around the world in Singapore Airlines business class for around $400 all-in during a promotion last December using Aeroplan points, and I think that’s been the greatest aviation experience I’ve ever had so far. That’s what led me into this hobby and job!

Many people don’t understand. They are polarized by the complexity of methods and strategies used get minimum spending up, double and triple dipping to oblivion to get 10 or more points per dollar, and dealing with redemptions, call centers, and mistake fares. Furthermore, many Canadians (me included) feel shunned by the lack of bonuses and partners up north. While the Americans have it good, we suffer from fuel surcharges, expensive redemption levels, limited hotel partners, and other first world problems like that.

So I’ve set out to change this. This site will be focusing on clarifying options for Canadians to earn and redeem in the lucrative field of frequent flyer miles/hotel points, but also, I hope to make it easy for ANYONE living in Canada and the States to get free travel from credit cards, shopping portal, and other travel offers. As well, I will be documenting my travels as well as my goal to attain US credit cards (yes, I am a Canadian citizen).

Join me! I’ll be bringing travel deals here too,  hopefully multiple times weekly, so I hope everyone can benefit! You can reach me on twitter @canadiankms or at jeff@canadiankilometers.com.


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