British Airways 25% Discount on Long-Haul Redemptions

One Mile at a Time mentions that there is a 25% off sale on Long-Haul Redemptions. Pretty simple. 25% on all redemptions that’s between Zone 4-9. That’s anything beyond continental Europe.

Originally, the terms were that the discounts were only on flights departing London, but it appears that all BA Long-Haul routes have the discount. This means one of two things:

1) You can get premium class redemptions (as economy class redemptions on Avios are a horrible value) with the same amount of miles but at a cheaper price.

I mean this by departing from somewhere other than LHR, so you can avoid APD (Air Passenger Duty):

a screenshot of a flight ticket

By departing from Paris, your taxes and fees are only $379, whereas departing directly from London would incur taxes and fees of around $575.

But the other option which really interests me is that the discount is on the fifth-freedom routes, that is, flights operated by British Airways that don’t touch Britain, such as the Kangaroo route from SIN-SYD:

a screenshot of a flight ticket

You can get BA first class for only 273 dollars and 45k Avios.

a screenshot of a flight ticket

I’m pretty sure you can fly First Class on this route as well, for only 13,500 Avios and $110.60. That an awesome redemption for someone who’s already heading to the Caribbean.

I’m not sure how this “exception” is going to last, but it’s definitely an option to consider.

The regular sale for routes from LHR goes for 6 days.

For those who need to earn more Avios, I’ll have a post on that soon.

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