Do not use Aeroplan to book hotels + How to transfer AMEX to Hilton (Updated)


Update: Note that the T&C do prohibit miles from being transferred straight out of a third party program, but there have been multiple instances where it has been possible. Consider using the HA toolbar to rack up a few non third-party miles. YMMV.

Update 2: Officially confirmed that transfers from third-parties NOT POSSIBLE: check here for details.

So earlier in the week I posted about how Aeroplan lost another transfer option on here.

But what’s interesting is that there is also something else – something marvelous and amazing. Okay, maybe not so exciting. But still interesting.

Another option that opens up with is the possibility for transferring to Hilton HHonors at a 1:~1.3 ratio. In some cases, it’s definitely not worth it to use points in place of cash to book a hotel, but this transfer option opens many other options to use other points to book hotels instead of Aeroplan (and you should only use Aeroplan if you’re broke or get robbed and have no more money while travelling ;0)

First, as I’ve mentioned, you can transfer Hawaiian Miles (HA) to Hilton at a 1:2 ratio, in 5k increments. What that means is that 5,000 Hawaiian miles will equal 10,000 Hilton miles, which is enough to get one free night.

What’s also interesting, however, is that you can transfer 1000 Aeroplan points to 657 Hawaiian miles:

a close-up of a sign

This means, to get 10,000 hilton miles, you only need 7,601 Aeroplan miles, cheaper than any room you can get using Aeroplan itself. With AMEX transfer promotions that could be even less.

Again, for my sake (and yours), please don’t burn your miles for redemptions that have a horribly low cents per mile value.

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  1. Hawaiian Airmiles won’t transfer points that come from a 3rd party (ie to the Hilton Honors program so this does not work and now I have 25000 Hawaii miles that I don’t know what to do with.

  2. Well I’ve been informed they don’t. I am trying again using the argument they have in the past. We will see how it goes.

      • Also, perhaps a post on another useful way to use Hawaiian miles. Currently I’ve spent 38,000 Aeroplan points and can get $100 GC.

        • Please keep your comments civil. I don’t have as thick a skin as the other bloggers but I have modified the post appropriately. I will try to get posts on the FF programs soon, but OTOH HA has very good space to Hawaii and also no YQ VS. Also there’s a partnership on DJ that looks interesting. With redemptions on Aeroplan, there’s certainly ways to get better redemptions depending on what you want. Feel free to contact me if you want ideas.

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