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Hilton Honors 2018 Program Changes

I’m not a fan of Hilton Honors. There are some good Hilton chain properties (Conrad, Waldorf Astoria), but their loyalty program is terrible. Yesterday, they released some changes to the program. Here is a list of what they are doing: Points Earning Changes: Blue: 15 points/$ to 10 points/$ Silver: 16.5 point/$ to 12 points/$…

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Hilton Gold and more for $49.95

You can get Hilton Gold for $49.95. How? Through milepoint premium membership. I am assuming it’s for a full year so it should last through March 2015. Even if you only plan to have one or two stays in the next year, you’d probably reap the value back from the membership.   Hilton Gold includes point earnings…

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Do not use Aeroplan to book hotels + How to transfer AMEX to Hilton (Updated)

  Update: Note that the T&C do prohibit miles from being transferred straight out of a third party program, but there have been multiple instances where it has been possible. Consider using the HA toolbar to rack up a few non third-party miles. YMMV. Update 2: Officially confirmed that transfers from third-parties NOT POSSIBLE: check…

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