(Potential) Mistake Fare – Business TATL for $700??!!

Disclaimer: I am not sure this actually works. I tried several times last night, and it couldn’t ticket. I’m not sure whether it’s a glitch or whether the seats aren’t getting pulled from the buckets or the system is manually validating the tickets, so I do not guarantee anything! Just something to try if you really want that fare. πŸ™‚

Yesterday, a friend told me about a very interesting glitch and potential mistake fare that applied to nearly any route, except I found it most useful for TATL business class. What happened was that when booking through hipmunk and thus priceline, a ticket would price at the same amount of money whether it was for 1 or 4 tickets. So, go to hipmunk, and search the following:

a search box with a plane and a plane

Hipmunk Search

a screenshot of a computer

Search Results

Then, clicking through to priceline is where the magic happens. The price is the same…

a screenshot of a flight schedule

Priceline Itinerary

But it is for four tickets! Which means each ticket is roughly around ~$700USD!

a screenshot of a ticket

Glitch? Mistake Fare?

Of course you do this for one, two and three people, but the ticket is just more expensive per person. Keep in mind you must select 4 people as well as the third flight. From the time I’ve played around with it, I’ve been able to get a priceline itinerary number which shows up, except the tickets just haven’t been issued. It also seems the seats get removed from inventory (or held somehow?) as when open a new incognito window and search with the same dates, the same flights either do not exist or are significantly more expensive (which I would assume the seats have been taken out of the cheaper fare buckets).  You also have to click through to hipmunk and then to priceline. Doing the same itinerary on priceline hasn’t worked for me.

As I said, I haven’t been able to ticket. It definitely could be a strange glitch. But I know (some) readers here like to experiment so if you have time play around with it for a bit. Who knows, you could be able to ticket! 

Big HT to Roland who sent me this!



  1. nyc-tlv 6/2 tlv-nyc 6/11 bkk-kkc 10/15 on swiss and choose busness when u do search 4 pax=4800

    • Hm…. to be honest I have no idea why it won’t ticket. As I said I tried several times yesterday and it didn’t work either so I was hoping someone would make it work.
      Oh well.

    • As I said in the post, I’m not sure that it’s actually ticketable so I’d post to see if you readers could. Sorry for disappointing you!

    • Yes! That’s what I thought too. It was fun feeling the thrill of booking a mistake fare, and then feeling not so awesome after it didn’t ticket. But it was really really fun. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for posting this btw. I admire how you’re willing to share, albeit a bit late. Better than most bloggers in here though.

  3. I did some search and I found that you can set your departure anywhere you want,like PEK/PVG/HKG and so on.
    Especially HKG,the fare is about 400-600 USD per ticket!That’s good!!!!

    Also,in my search reslut,NYC-CDG,CDG-NYC,BKK-KKC,ONLY 606.26 USD per ticket.

  4. And I also found the rule of the BUG fare:
    1.You can set any departure you want
    2.Your destination must be CDG
    3.U may have to clean your IE(or other browser)’s cookies when you start another search.

    That’s it.LOL

  5. Not neccesary CDG. I tried BUE BKK NYC // BOS BUE ttl USD 4980 x 4 tickets. Could be a open jaw mistake.

    • I tried something like YVR-CDG, CDG-LHR, MUC-YVR and it priced correctly. Not sure how you’re getting it to work.

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