June 11 – Timelapses and Presentations

Not so much “news” today so I though I’d feature this timelapse from Vimeo from Shanghai. Absolutely stunning! The sound and light is simply so amazing! Probably the best I’ve seen yet.

If you love these and haven’t seen them, there are also really nice ones for Hong Kong and New York City here.

Also, Air Canada has released their investor presentation, which you can access here as a pdf.

a close-up of a business card


Lots and lots of stuff but a few of the highlights are:

Aiming to increase market share in the USA.

Some new routes in the works.

Retrofit of 777’s to their nice lovely 3-4-3 seating in Y.

I don’t see a lot of stuff that hasn’t been circulating around as rumours and as of now I don’t really care as I’ll react once what they say they’re going to do is actually going to be done!

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