ex-CMB fares “pulled”

It seems like the CMB fares have been raised by 50% which is the biggest blow to this fare since EK didn’t allow this fare to be booked with their flights.

ExpertFlyer now shows a different fare code (I believe the original one was AAOWISC):

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 9.12.39 PM

New Fare

This prices as $3500 on ITA Matrix:

New Price

New Price

It seems the fare rules are even stricter, although that’s negligible given the change to the price:

Fare Rules

Fare Rules

The fare originally priced like this:

Invalid request error occurred.

From One MIle at a Time

That basically means it is now not economically feasible at all to position to take advantage of this fare and essentially now I consider the fare gone (with a new fare code made).

I really wanted to book one of these earlier and it looks like I now can’t. Too bad. Deals come and deals go all the time.



  1. Wow, I actually *just* booked this fare one week ago for travel at the end of the year. Prices out on Matrix at 150% now.

  2. Glad I was able to take advantage of this before the increase. Thanks for the update! For what it’s worth, it was still possible to book on Emirates, but you had to book a Qantas codeshare operated by Emirates.

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