Singapore announces new premium classes

Singapore Air just released images of the new business and first class seats that it plans to introduce on the 77W’s and new A350’s with.

This is a video from Youtube with some footage.

Here are some photos from AUSBT:

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New Business Class

This is the new business class which will first be on the SIN-LHR route. I quite like it, as the colour palette is much prettier (at least in the images). I flew business class A380 last year and I thought it was quite good and comparable in width to some first class products. You had to sleep diagonally to get the longest position of the bed, and it seem that they are keeping that. It looks like from the images that they are adding a touch interface and updating the screen.

For reference, here is the current A380 business class (from jaunted):

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Current A380 Business Class

Overall, not that big of a difference I would think except for new fabrics, screens, and some adjustments with storage spaces.

First class now looks like there will be much more privacy. They will be retrofited on the 77W only, as the suites on the A380 should be staying.

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New First Class

I have yet to fly Singapore First Class so I have yet to comment on it but finally it looks like there is a bit more distinction between First Class and Business Class now on the 77W with the new hard products. The video also shows some Salvatore Ferragamo products so their kits might be coming back. Their press release also says that First class is getting Bose QC15’s as their headphones.

The official press release from SQ is here.

You can see more pictures of the business class here at AUSBT and the first class here.


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