Lifemiles 100% Buy Miles Promotion!

Lifemiles is having their 100% purchased miles bonus again. Remember, they are sold in blocks of 1,000 at 3 cents per miles, which means a 100% promo brings it down to 1.5 cents per mile.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 12.45.58 AM

Purchase between August 1st and the 31st, with a maximum purchase of 75,000 miles and minimum of 1,000 miles. Purchases are non-refundable and you need to be  a member before August 1. 1 transaction maximum. I would strongly recommend that you redeem as soon as you purchase as Lifemiles has historically devalued without advance notice. You can see that in my posts here and here.

As you can see, 60,000 miles is $900. This is 1.5 cents per mile. Remember you can also purchase more miles with cash and miles during selecting your award flights.



I am likely taking advantage of this promo because I want to fly LH F and this is probably the only way without United miles (as US blocks LH and Aeroplan charges big fuel surcharges). I also do believe that you can get bonus categories on this purchase as it counts as Avianca spend (the last time I purchased, anyways).

You can purchase the miles on the promo Lifemiles site here.


  1. You can get pretty creative with the routing too to save money (e.g., SIN to LAX prices out more but if you add in OGG or HNL it might price out lower). 😛

  2. Exactly – there are also some routing via the atlantic. It sounds crazy but an FRA-LAX route from asia pops up every now and then. Jeff, might need your help on an award booking. How back up are you? I hope you’re taking it easy despite the massive amounts of request you might be getting.

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