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All About Lifemiles (Updated)

The latest news going around is that LifeMiles has finally done what every other frequent flyer program in the world does, and allow customers to mixed different cabin classes on award bookings. However, hidden in these changes are some other crucial changes to LifeMiles, especially how the routes are calculated. So, while LifeMiles allowing mixed…

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Lifemiles 100% Purchase Promotion Returns!

Lifemiles is the frequent flyer program of Avianca, which often makes miles available to be acquired at 1.5 cents each, during promos. This 100% purchase promotion is one such opportunity. This promotion will run until until September 30th. Lifemiles Purchase Promotion Details Through this promotion, Lifemiles will give you a bonus mile for every mile you…

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Lifemiles Upcoming Changes

Lifemiles is one of my favourite frequent flyer programs, and while I’d like to think that they are, it seems that they continue to deteriorate the value of their miles. Changes in the Star Alliance Award Chart Effective October 15, Lifemiles is modifying their award chart for regions including Europe, South America, and North America.…

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Lifemiles Purchase Promotion

Lifemiles is one of my favourite airline programs, as they they are basically the only program in Star Alliance that sells miles for a reasonable price. They currently are having a 100% bonus on purchased miles, which runs until May 30th. Lifemiles sells their miles at 3 cents apiece, which means a 100% bonus on…

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Lifemiles Tricks and Strategy

Just like my US Airways Share Promotion strategy, I thought I’d write a post about lifemiles strategy and leveraging the purchase promo. By the way, I’ll be leaving some hints about amazing lifemiles tricks, so you want to read between the lines here. Or as always, you can send me an email about lifemiles tricks.…

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