Free Marriott Silver Status!

UPDATED: Apparently I forgot the link. Sign up here for free Silver Status!

There’s been a few posts over the past few days with free Hilton Silver Status with Accenture. I also found a Instant Silver Marriott Elite Status sign-up offer:

Free Marriott Status

Free Marriott Status

The website link to sign up is here. It’s instant on signup and will get you a few marginal benefits on stays, but if you’re statusless it’s always better than nothing (or base level).

Accounts take up to 48 hours to activate (mine did anyways) so I signed up two days ago and only got the email this morning confirming my status.



Free status is always good!

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  1. In this case, you won’t be able to get the referral bonus, 10,000 marriott reward points for referral and referee, after 5 stays. Am I right?

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