Air Canada Earn Your Wings (Amazing Race) Returns!

In April I posted about a potentially lucrative Air Canada promo where theoretically you could have earned redeemable Aeroplan miles at less than one cent apiece, free flying included. Unfortunately the terms were modified which was disappointing, but I am glad they have brought this promotion back.

Similar to the last promotion, you can earn “wings” from badges after completing certain types of flights such as stopping in certain cities of flying specific routes. To qualify for this promotion, register and book between September 24 and November 17, 2013, and fly between September 24 and December 15, 2013.

Wings convert to Aeroplan miles at the following ratios:

2,000 RaceWings: 1,000 bonus Aeroplan Miles.

10,000 RaceWings: Extra 5,000 bonus miles (total = 10,000 aeroplan miles)

100,000 RaceWings: Extra 100,000 bonus miles (total = 200,000 aeroplan miles including previous bonuses)

The badges look nice and well designed as before but details have yet to be released so I’ll be doing another post when the information comes out. There are some very heavy Amazing Race elements here:



More Badges

More Badges

One thing that’s worth noting is that if you register before September 24, you can get 500 Racewings. This is relevant because there are two social badges to be earned during the promotion which means that you could get up to 2000 Racewings = 1000 free Aeroplan miles without doing any flying.

Pre-Register here.

I doubt this promotion will be as lucrative but if you are a domestic Air Canada flyer it does make sense to register for these and potentially get some additional miles.

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  1. Was your calculation the same as mine:
    250 Racewings for registering,
    500 Racewings for having registered before September 24,
    500 Racewings for sharing with 10 “friends” on social media, and
    1000 additional? Racewings for sharing with 20 “friends” on social media.

    The rules don’t explicitly say whether you can earn both the 500 badge and the 1000 badge.

    This promo really underlines the importance of keeping a Facebook profile that doesn’t interfere with your real life.

    Thanks for this post!

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