AMAZING BA Award Space, 40k USA Alaska Visa (25k Canada) – Flyertalk Buzz for 22nd October

Here are some posts on Flyertalk that I thought would be useful to share with y’all. Not all of them may be applicable, but one in a while you might find something useful. If you have any tips of the day/special promotions that you’d like me to mention, please let me know by sending me an email or tweeting me.

All links are to Flyertalk but I’ve just taken the best bits of it in my opinion and summarized it for you.

British Airways Space looks really good for August 2014. Original FT Thread

For example, I’ve just taken a quick look at London Heathrow to Los Angeles and the award space is quite amazing:

Award Space

Award Space

This is just showing non-stop First class space on BA and on the A380 no less on a majority of the days in August!! If you’ve been looking for BA F award space this is better than ever. Remember fuel surcharges with any miles will set you back around $350 – $450 in fuel surcharges, but if you want TATL F space in advance, BA F is your only option without paying with miles and money through the roof.

Alaska Airlines Visa (USA) seems to have a 40k public offer for both the Personal and Business varieties. Original Thread

Landing Page

Landing Page

You can apply for the Alaska Visa Personal and Business cards here and here. It’s the highest historical signup bonus I’ve seen but require quite a large spending requirement – $24,000 over 12 months, with a minimum of $2000 each month. But if you have that level of spend whether legitimate or manufactured that means with two applications you’re well over 125,000 miles including spending which is more than enough for Emirates First redeemed with Alaska miles.

If you can’t spend that much then this link should be a 30k offer upon approval, which is quite good as well. For Canadians there is a 25,000 mile personal card (application here) which is churnable, although annual fee isn’t waived.

I know this is not quite relevant to the post but for those unaware if my affiliate relationships I just wanted to point out that I do have links to Barclay cards. If you are planning a churn with a card such as the Barclay Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard® (affiliate link removed) which has a 50,000 point signup bonus or the Barclay Arrival World Mastercard which has a 40,000 point signup bonus please consider using my links. I hate to push but sometimes I really do appreciate your support if you decided to apply. Thanks for your support and links or not I still would be blogging the same way without letting affiliate revenue corrode my content. If you feel otherwise please let me know.

If I’m missing anything you feel I should include, please let me know!

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  1. Thank you so much for passing on news about the BA availability. I had been looking for an opportunity like this. I just booked two first class return flights from LAX-LHR next August finally using my BA companion pass earned for $30k spend on the Chase BA card.

    I just checked, and those tickets would have cost $33,100, or just under $30,000 with the 10% BA discount. Given that I earned most of the 150k miles on a whilst working towards the $30k, thanks to a 100k for $20k spend sign-up bonus, this is easily the best value award booking I’ve ever made. Almost 1:1! Wow.

  2. i’m about to earn the companion pass. Can I book two award seats now with avios and switch one to companion later?

    • I’m not sure but in the worst case scenario you would cancel your current awards and hope your seats go back into inventory and then make a new reservation. I’d suggest calling the BA Executive Club desk to get details as I don’t have personal experience with this.

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