Free Shangri-La Night for Playing a GAME!!!

I’ve been quite a fan of Shangri-La Golden Circle since I first stayed with them in Sydney. The actual stay wasn’t too bad although it wasn’t anything special, but what I really liked about them was their potentially lucrative stackable promotions along with not too bad room rates and Virtuoso/AMEX FHR where I essentially received at least a 60% rebate on my stay. I wrote a bit about that here. I also wrote about AMEX Fine Hotels and Resorts and Virtuoso here, if you want more information about that.

Anyways, what surprised me this morning was the email they sent out for a game which might be the most rewarding I’ve ever seen. Since they’ve turned 3 years old, they’re giving away a Executive Suite stay. But what interests me is the 1200 points they’re giving away, because I think Shangri-La points are most valuable in absolute value (i.e. compared to equal amounts of SPG/Chase UR/etc.)

What 1200 points will get you is one free night!!!

Redemption Chart

Redemption Chart

Sure, they might not be locations you might go to, but I’m not turning down a free night!! They can also be used for F&B/Spa vouchers which are quite nice too although I’m not sure about their redemptions. I have a balance of Shangri-La points already, so this will be a nice way to top up my balance.

So how do you earn these points? You play a game once for six weeks. You earn 100 points for playing. Then they give you a code which is an entry into a draw and will also give you another 100 points. This will require you to download an app on iOS or Android.

How to Play

How to Play

This honestly doesn’t really make sense to me as they’re practically giving away free points and this is just screaming for the program to be devalued. oh well!

This is an AWESOME way to get points from playing a game!!! Link to the website is here.


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  1. So I played the game as a non-member, expecting to receive a membership number along the way… I provided my personal info but didn’t get any credentials…

  2. Where in the world on the mobile site (android) do you deposit the code for the additional 100 points? Am I missing something? Thanks!

    • In the same boat…just did this for my wife and decided to sign-up prior to playing the game. Received a membership number for her instantly through the sign-up.

  3. I’m really excited about this, apart from the fact that it doesn’t seem as though anyone has received their points.

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