Redeeming your ShangriLa Voucher

I wrote about how to get free points in the Shangri-La Golden Circle a while back by playing a “game” every week. Hopefully like me you remembered to complete the game every week. The 6 weeks should have given you 1,200 points, which would be enough for you to redeem a $100 USD F&B/Spa Shangrila Voucher.

Redeeming your Golden Circle points for a Shangri-La Voucher

I just redeemed my points for lunch at the Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui) Shangri-La last week and there are a few steps to follow so I’ll list them here. You can redeem your points online here. The points required for a Shangrila voucher is listed below:

shangrila voucher points required

Points Required

Redeeming for a Shangrila voucher is pretty straightforward although you need to follow a few steps.

First, you select the property you want to redeem your points at:

shangrila voucher Select Property

Select Property

You then have to make a reservation (for a restaurant) before you redeem the voucher at the hotel. You then get a confirmation email with a code on it that you take to the hotel with you, which looks like this.

shangrila voucher Confirmation Email

Confirmation Email

The check-in desk was aware of the procedure to redeem a voucher and promptly sent me to the business center. When I showed them the email and ID I they then printed out a voucher on their letterhead:

shangrila voucher


This gets you a very nice meal for two people. In hindsight I totally should have worked this promo harder, but you make do with what you have!

shangrila voucher Lunch


This is just one of the great example miles and points are great and not necessarily all about credit cards (although those are important too!)

Here are the Terms & Conditions that I copied down when I was making my redemption – the most straightforward things are that redemptions are not changeable nor refundable, and that the vouchers have to be wholly used.

Non-Room Awards Redemption – Terms and Conditions

  • Members can give Non-Room Awards to a Nominee registered with the Golden Circle redemption group.

  • GC Award Points will be deducted from the Member’s account at the time the redemption is made.

  • Members will receive a confirmation e-mail with a redemption award reference number after the completion of the redemption.

  • Advance reservation with the participating food and beverage outlets or CHI, The Spa is required.

  • A Member or Nominee (as the case may be) must validate the Non-Room Award in person by presenting proof of identity document at the Business Centre of the pre-selected hotel prior to the service being used in either food and beverage outlets or CHI, The Spa.

  • Upon validation of the Non-Room Award at the pre-selected hotel, the Member or Nominee (as the case may be) will be issued a Shangrila redemption voucher.

  • GC redemption vouchers can only be used at participating food and beverage outlets or CHI, The Spa at the pre-selected hotel on the date of validation, subject to Terms and Conditions printed thereon.

  • GC redemption Shangrila voucher must be presented at the time of payment.

  • The cash value of the GC redemption vouchers are clearly stated on the respective vouchers. The GC redemption vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. No change will be returned for spending that is below the amount stated on the voucher and the Member or Nominee is required to pay for any spend exceeding the voucher amount.

  • A maximum value of USD200, or local currency equivalent, worth of redemption vouchers can be used to settle payment for each transaction. The value of voucher(s) will be converted to its applicable local currency equivalent at the Hotel’s prevailing exchange rate.

  • GC redemption vouchers cannot be used to purchase merchandise or services which are contracted out by The Company to a third party.

  • GC redemption vouchers cannot be used to settle charges on banqueting, outside catering and event spends, and if the expenses from food and beverages outlets or CHI, The Spa are charged to a room account.

  • GC redemption vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotional offers.

  • Once the Non-Room Award redemption has been made, no amendment or cancellation is allowed.

  • A Non-Room Award confirmation is valid for six months from the date of redemption is made. Once expired, the validity of the Non-Room Award cannot be extended.

  • GC redemption vouchers are not transferable and will be deemed void if a person other than the Member or Nominee (as the case may be) attempts to use the vouchers.

  • GC redemption vouchers are not valid if found defaced or damaged and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

  • Golden Circle Non-Room Award redemption is subject to the Golden Circle programme Terms and Conditions.

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  1. They couldn’t have made the process more complicated if they tried! But thanks for walking us through it. Suppose one can’t really complain about earning $100 for a few minutes each week for six weeks Just too bad my previous earned points expired or I’d have had enough for a night at a category 2 hotel.

  2. I actually found out about this promo from you, so thanks! I asked my whole family to sign up and everyone got a free buffet lunch at the Shangri-La in Manila during the holidays. And that’s just using 500 of the 1200 points ;-)I doubt they will do a similar promo in the future. Hehe.

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