Lifemiles Transfer Promotion 100% Bonus!

Lifemiles is my one of my favourite programs to buy miles in – because certain parts of the award chart are just extremely lucrative. They’ve run several promotions where you can purchase miles for just 1.5 cents each and FINALLY, there is a Lifemiles transfer promotion for part of the month of March.

Lifemiles Transfer Promotion

Lifemiles Transfer Promotion

Lifemiles Transfer Promotion Details

The Lifemiles transfer promotion is running from March 4 – 17 where there is a 100% promotion for transferred miles. This means that you do need to have miles in your account (or have friend(s) that have miles in their accounts).

Transferring miles will cost 1.5 cents each. They are giving you a bonus mile for every mile you’re transferring, so that means essentially you’re given the option to “purchase” miles at 1.5 cents. Through this link, you can transfer up to 50,000 miles per calendar year between LifeMiles accounts. Filling in the form is very straightforward and the bonus miles box automatically populates:

Lifemiles Transfer Promotion

Lifemiles Transfer Promotion

Transferring 10,000 miles costs $150, and with the promo you get 10,000 bonus miles. Transfers have to be done in blocks of 1,000 miles.

Lifemiles Transfer Promo Cost

Lifemiles Transfer Promo Cost

Would I recommend transferring miles through this promo?

Yes, if you know that you’re going to get a good value from the miles as even with a regular redemption you can get a first class redemption to Asia or Europe for just under $1500 one way on Star Alliance partners, as Lifemiles does not “block” any award space (unlike US Airways). Furthermore they to have extra access to Singapore Airlines Business Class space, which I wrote about here. Keep in mind that you can top up for an award at the time of ticketing with cash and points. You only need 50% to get the same 1.5 cent ratio to top up for the redemption.

I am definitely taking advantage of this promo as with the knowledge that I have I can easily go anywhere around the world for 30,000 miles or less. If you want to learn more about Lifemiles check out my post on Lifemiles Tricks and Strategy. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Lifemiles purchases are processed directly with the airline, so do use cards which offer category bonuses for airline purchases. They process in USD so for Canadians use a card with no foreign transaction fee.

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  1. I’ve heard stories that it can be difficult to deal with them on the phone and CSRs can be bad. Any truth to that?

    • Correct, but I’ve never needed to call them to issue a ticket. All bookings I do online – the only reason to call is to cancel a ticket.

    • You should find a partner. Or you can buy 1k miles and start the transfer chain from there although that’s quite a hassle.

  2. Hey Jeff, what if you don’t have any miles? Is it worth it to buy miles and start doing transfers back and forth? Or wait for the 2x bonus on buying miles and then do it that way?

      • I’d say try to find a trade partner, whether on FT or some other online forum. Otherwise you can buy 1000 miles at 3cpm ($30), and then start the transfers from there. It’ll be a little more hassle but the total cost would only slightly be more than 1.5cpm.

  3. Jeff, could you share the trip to fly to asia? try to see if there is better way other than guam. thanks.

  4. Does their availability change often? I was interested in a trip in January 2015 but noticed business and first are sold out already. Do they become available over time or that’s that?

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